Aging at Home with Dementia: A Dignified Journey

Aging at Home with Dementia: A Dignified Journey 

When someone you love has been diagnosed with Dementia, it can be overwhelming. You might feel as though you’re about to embark on a journey into the unknown and you are uncertain about how to take the first steps.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. The right senior care Brooklyn service provider and professional Dementia caregivers will work with your loved one to offer compassion and engagement.

Once a Dementia diagnosis is made, it is crucial to initiate a long-term healthcare plan for your loved one as soon as you are able.

You may be wondering how to care for someone with Dementia. The goal of Dementia care is to maintain quality of life, and for many Seniors, this involves staying at home.

Instead of having to leave the comfort of their own household and relocate to a nursing home or assisted living facility, with the right home healthcare services, patients can enjoy the familiarity and amenities of home.

Consider the benefits of at-home healthcare for Seniors, and how they can be part of your loved one’s healthcare plan.

Dementia Patients Find Comfort in Routine

Recognizable surroundings are soothing and safe, and the same can be said for our daily routines. If a Senior maintains a schedule similar to pre-Dementia life, it can greatly reduce confusion and anxiety.

For example, if a patient watched the morning news every day for years while they ate their breakfast, they may feel a sense of normality with it on in the background, even if they’re not following along.

At-home caregivers help patients stick to their routines as much as possible. Professional caregivers are trained to facilitate daily activities at scheduled times and to provide assistance when necessary.

Preserving personal and ingrained routines should be a priority for any at-home caregiver, as it will help patients retain a sense of dignity and control.

Dementia Patients Can Stay in a Familiar Environment

It is far less disorienting for a Senior with Dementia to remain at home than to move into a nursing home or assisted living facility. Beyond the physical, emotional, and financial cost to moving, having to learn their way around a new place to live, and meet new people, can feel extremely confusing.

A Senior living with Dementia can become frustrated and confused, and might not receive the attention they would from a one-on-one caregiver at home.

Familiarity offers a sense of security and peace of mind to those with Dementia. With a well-trained caregiver, at-home care can be ideal for individuals who are not yet ready to think about placement in a nursing home facility.

At-home Caregivers Provide Meaningful Engagement

A perceptive and compassionate caregiver will learn what a patient’s interests were before they developed the disease, so they can engage them in stimulating activities.

For example, if the patient was an avid baseball player prior to a Dementia diagnosis, a caregiver might take them to a local baseball game once a week. An experienced caregiver will work to engage clients in activities even as abilities change.

The relationship between at-home caregivers and patients is stronger than in other environments because of the close and dedicated time spent together. Patients’ quality of life heightens with engaging face-to-face activities in a comfortable space.

Experienced and empathetic at-home caregivers deliver exceptional benefits to both Seniors and family members. Consider how it can positively impact your family’s well-being today.

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