Tips on How to Play Darts Better

Tips on How to Play Darts Better

To throw darts successfully, you need to have a good grip, a good throwing stance, and a smooth release. Note that you get better at the game with a bit of practice, which means you should throw darts regularly and participate in competitive games with other enthusiastic players, as doing so helps you improve your technique. If you are interested in playing and enjoy the fun game of darts, then the tips we present below will certainly help you play better. For more additional information be sure to visit Dartpicks on the ultimate guide on how to play darts.

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1.  The Grip

I.  Aiming and Directing: The objective of a good grip is to ensure the rear of the dart is pointing up in every throw.

II.  Remain relaxed and stable: Make sure your grip is firm and stable. Do not put unnecessary tension on your finger muscles. When you notice that your fingers are becoming white or you are experiencing difficulty in releasing the dart, then it could possibly mean that your muscles are tensed up. This causes you to have a tense grip. Note that the game of darts requires no force; instead, you should apply a gentle touch. Therefore, to ensure the appropriate touch, you need to grasp your dart gently but tight enough to prevent it from sliding. This also helps you to maintain control as you speed up in readiness for a throw.

III.  Use your fingers correctly: Using at several fingers allows you to have more control and regulation of your dart as you gather speed. However, the release will be more difficult, due to the coordination of more fingers at once. When it comes to the release phase, coordination of fingers is a critical aspect you need to master.

IV.  No fist: make sure that the fingers that aren’t gripping, stay spread apart away from those included in the grip. For instance, when using four fingers to hold the dart and your pinkie finger joins the others, you are more likely to cause strain, which affects the muscles of the other four fingers. As a result, you are bound to have a weak release.

2.  Stance & Throw

I.  Weight Distribution

Make sure you evenly distribute your weight by mainly resting on the forward foot and balance your posture by holding an adequate weight on your rear foot. No matter the weight distribution, you apply, you must keep your posture unshakeable and firm. Always remember to keep your forward foot firmly and constantly on the floor or the ground.

II.  Right Foot Forward’ Stance

To better master the art of the stance, you need to take your time and examine a seasoned player taking aim. According to the experts from, a player must set his eye, the dart, and the target in a straight line. As you make a throw, maintain your arm movement in a 2-dimensional plane. This eliminates sideways movement that is likely to occur to your arm, thereby decreasing error significantly.
To improve your game, work on improving your grips and stance by finding out and comparing the aspects that are suitable for you. Remember, you can become better at the game of darts by observing the seasoned players and engaging in constant practice. Implement the suggested tips and notice the remarkable improvement you make while playing.

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