The Best Convertibles to Hire for Your Summer Vacation in LA

The Best Convertibles to Hire for Your Summer Vacation in LA

Driving the classy convertible in Los Angeles is the one of best thing you could ever do if you are going to LA for a summer vacation. When do you do the sums, it works out much cheaper than getting taxi rides around the city. You will be able to get around whenever you want. Not to mention being able to enjoy the fantastic air conditioning systems in LA cars.

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The best cars to hire in LA are without doubt are luxury convertibles. And the best way to rent one is to check the AVR LAX car rental and provide yourself with the best options!

Below are four to six convertible cars that you should consider renting while you are in LA

The Porsche 718 Boxter 2018

This convertible comes with everything you could possibly imagine. It even has less than twenty kilometers on it. It's color is blue metallic and will allow you to drive as fast as sixty mile per hour in four point two seconds. Bonus features include: a retractable spoiler and convertible top and amazing leather interior. Not to mention the heated seats.

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The Audi A5 2018

The Audi A5 2018 convertible has driven under fifteen kilometers. There is plenty of room. The inside contains comfortable leather, and it will drive up to sixty miles per hour in five point six seconds. Bonus features include a backup camera which has front and rear sensors, and a full navigation system including a massive screen.

The Mercedes-Benz C Class 2018

Now this is a real treat. This convertible boasts a real-time monitoring system. This means that it will keep track of any abusive driving. It comes with a three litre twin-turbo engine, a wind block feature and a very loud AMG exhaust.

The Porsche 911 2008

This wonderful Porsche is in amazing condition. It drives incredibly smooth and is sure to impress. This convertible comes with a very loud base sound system. It also has two doors and is a fantastic sports car. A great convertible if you enjoy your sports.

When hiring an AVR car rental LAX, some of the places worth the drive for include: Big Bear, CA, Joshua Tree National Park, and Ojai, CA.

The drive to Big Bear, CA will take you through the stunning mountains. If you are driving around this area during the summer season, then you will be able to enjoy a wide range of water sports. Otherwise, you can sit down by the lake and relax.

The Joshua Tree National Park will take you about three hours to drive to from LA. This park is home to some incredible desert landscape that you have never seen before. Here you will spot many campers, hikers and climbers seeking a great adventure.

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We urge you to consider hiring your rental convertible through AVR car rental LAX. Why? Because these cars will take you less than two hours to drive to Ojai. This great town comes with some superb mountainous landscapes, and a wide range of pools for everyone to enjoy. If you love to shop, we know you will fall in love with the shopping options Ojai has to offer.

We hope we have convinced you to hire a convertible when coming to Los Angeles for your summer vacation.

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