Suria KLCC, Alamanda, and Mesra Mall Usher Deepavali in Style

With the proverbial light now shining at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, the Suria KLCC Group, namely Suria KLCC, Alamanda and Mesra Mall will be ushering in the spirit of Deepavali - Festival of Lights, in the most dazzling way possible. The Deepavali celebration returns to the Suria KLCC Group with colourful and illuminating decor, festive promotions and exciting rewards such as the ‘One Year Free Shopping Campaign in Alamanda’.

Suria KLCC, Alamanda, and Mesra Mall Usher Deepavali in Style 

Deepavali, which falls on 4 November this year, is a special time for adherents to rejoice and strengthen family and relationship bonds. It is also a festival with myriad vibrant colours that attract feelings of excitement, joy and symbolises unity amid diversity.

The celebration of Deepavali will be marked at Suria KLCC over 10 days, beginning 29 October to 7 November. This year’s celebration vibrance can be felt with the creation of ‘Little India’ within the heart of Suria KLCC, with an amazing colourful ‘kolam’ at Centre Court, while matched with equally ornate decorations at main entrances, festive greetings on the digital screens and the mall’s walkway as wellas colourful decorations at Centre Court, Ampang and Ramlee Malls.

In keeping with the ‘Little India’ theme, there will be a “flower stall” as well as “spice stalls” to serve as attractive backdrops for photo taking opportunities. Be greeted at the Centre Court of Suria KLCC with an intricate centrepiece of a spectacular 20-ft diameter ‘kolam’ that is designed as an interactive exhibit. Equipped with motion sensors, shoppers who wave their hands at the sensors will be treated with an interesting light show, thus elevating  this beautiful ‘kolam’ from a mere static display into something that provides a sensational experience befitting of Deepavali.

As usual, Suria KLCC will roll out a host of rewards for our esteemed shoppers under its Shoppers’ Rewards Programme. For Deepavali, those who spend RM600 or more in 2 receipts at any specialty store will receive a RM50 Suria KLCC shopping voucher.

“We are pleased that the country has largely move into Phase 4 of the National Recovery Plan, and the Suria KLCC Group is cognisant of the role the malls play in the economy’s growth. The relaxation of SOPs for shoppers and diners augur well as the country learns to live with Covid-19, and is no longer gripped by fear,” said Andrew Brien, Executive Director of the Suria KLCC Group.

“Our efforts do not just stop at Suria KLCC, but also extends to Alamanda Putrajaya and Mesra Mall Terengganu. With more freedoms allowed as the year draws to a close, kindly follow us on social media to stay informed on all our exciting campaigns that will be coming up soon,” he added.


For Alamanda, good things come in pairs: It is commemorating Deepavali, while also unveiling a One Year Free Shopping Campaign for 24 days, from 29 October to 21 November 2021. The One Year Free Shopping Campaign is the biggest campaign this year, whereby those who spend at least RM300 in a maximum of 2 receipts from speciality stores will be eligible to try their hand at the lucky draws.

The catch of the day will be a bundle of Alamanda shopping vouchers worth RM12,000, which is enough to keep a shopper happy for the next 12 months. And we are not just picking one, but 24 lucky persons – one each day, for this extraordinary deal to cap the year.

To spread out the goodness to more people, 2,400 consolation prizes, consisting of either RM20 or RM50 vouchers will be offered through lucky draws for 100 shoppers daily, all throughout 24 days.

And just like Suria KLCC, there will also be a beautiful ‘kolam’ to complete the festive atmosphere associated with Deepavali.

“We are extremely pleased with the turn of events in Malaysia as far as Covid-19 is concerned. That said, we still want to give the assurance that our malls are one of the safest places to be right now, as they are clean, hygienic, while the majority of those working there are already fully vaccinated. With this, I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to have a great time at our malls, even as they observe the most stringent health and safety protocols for the common good of all,” said Brien. 

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