3 Extreme Winter Sports that You Need to Add to Your Bucket List

There are so many winter sports to choose from, that there is bound to be one that you will enjoy. Team sports commonly played during the Winter Olympics are growing in popularity, and so many people are expressing an interest in colder vacation climates. If you have a winter stay booked somewhere snowy, or even if you’re rewriting your bucket list, these are some more extreme winter sports definitely worth a try. Be warned, these aren’t for the faint of heart and are definitely a physical and mental challenge. However, they are highly fun and great at getting the adrenaline pumping in colder climates. Nothing will keep you warmer than the excitement mixed with fear, all within freezing temperatures. 

3 Extreme Winter Sports that You Need to Add to Your Bucket List
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The appeal of winter sports within the Northern Hemisphere has always interested natives and allowed them to create a sense of national identity and pride through developing these unique sports. From some more traditional options such as finally making use of that snowboard equipment to immersing yourself in freezing water to see the hidden beauty of a frozen ocean, altitude sports has you covered. You can visit the site here to find out more. 


Firstly, we’re starting off with the classic but no less extreme sport of snowboarding. This can be done in a team or alone, and can be highly dangerous if you don’t know how to stop correctly. Essentially, it’s like a combination of surfing and skateboarding. Snowboards involve binding the feet to a board using specially designed boots, which can be found using the link above. 

If you’re looking for a more extreme option, you could try attaching a kite and using it to propel you forwards. Snowboarding is very versatile and can easily be made more extreme if you want more of an adrenaline rush. Another option is to use steeper slopes or set obstacle courses. Make sure that you are wearing the correct protective gear, including a helmet, and are in control at all times. If you want to store your snowboard or accessories, then you should buy a ski wall rack that is easily available online.

Ice Diving 

Another option for an extreme winter sports experience is ice diving. Traditionally, this was done by survivalists in order to kick-start circulation. Nowadays, researchers will carry out ice diving in order to explore the state of icebergs and other frozen bodies of water. Another reason why ice diving has become so popular is because of the invigorating effects on the body. Part of what makes it so extreme is the fact that divers can sometimes struggle to find the hole which they used to enter the water and get stranded under the ice. 

This is why divers are tethered to an anchor point on the ice surface in order to show them how to get out. Another risk is the effects that being submerged in sub-zero water can have on the body. That is why it is only usually done by those in insulated diving gear, and not done for long. For those interested in the health benefits, ice diving can be a great way to relieve tension that is trapped in muscles and boost the body’s circulation. 


A more traditional addition to your bucket list could be skijoring. Originating in Norway, skijoring involves a person on skis attached to a horse, group of dogs, or car. This originally was used as a mode of transport in snowy countries. However, it is now considered an extreme sport due to the immense speeds that can be achieved. The adrenaline rush is unlike any other and is definitely worth a try. Having been originally done with reindeer in the Tromso region, skijoring made its debut in the winter games in 1901 and has grown in popularity since. Although the process of being tethered behind dogs is often compared to Nordic dog sledding, skijoring offers a unique experience because there is far less protection from the elements as the person is on skis and there is no toboggan-like platform to stand on. 

To summarize, winter sports are a fascinating area that can be highly extreme and create an adrenaline rush unlike any other. The extreme nature of the sport comes largely from the climate creating icy conditions and severe levels of cold that you must battle through. These sports are definitely worth adding to your bucket list because you might even find yourself investing in a new hobby. The sky is the limit, so why not try something new and exciting this winter, or on your winter vacation. 

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