Essential Items Used In Treating And Curbing The Spread Of COVID 19 Virus

The human coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is commonly transmitted through respiratory droplets in the air from an infected person, close personal contact, or by touching a surface infected by the virus. You can take simple measures to protect yourself and prevent the spread of the virus by washing your hands regularly, avoiding touching your face, cleaning or disinfecting touched surfaces regularly, and exercising good respiratory hygiene.

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Essential Items Used In Treating And Curbing The Spread Of COVID 19 Virus
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The human coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has severe side effects on the infected individual and can easily lead to death when not taken into account during its early stage. Currently, different types of vaccines have been developed to protect individuals from infection and can now be treated! We can as well reduce its spread. Below are a few essential Items Used In Treating And Curbing The Spread Of the COVID 19 Virus. Read on!

Quality Facemask

N95 Facemask

The covid 19 virus is a respiratory infection that can be spread from one person to another through viral particles that float in the air or through droplets containing the virus. Some people get infected but no signs of symptoms are noticed, they can still spread the virus. It is advised to always have your facemask on to control the spread of the virus.

Facemasks that are made of two or more layers of washable and breathable fabric are highly recommended for use. Surgical masks are also ideal for controlling the spread. It is important to make sure the mask completely covers your nose and mouth and perfectly fits against the sides of your face without leaving any space. N95 masks are the most effective ones but should be reserved for healthcare workers. Visit for quality facemasks.

Always Sanitize Your Hands

Hand Sanitizer

The COVID-19 virus can easily be spread through contaminated surfaces. You can accidentally touch a contaminated surface then later touch your face or start taking your snacks before washing your hand and that is how you get infected by the virus. It is important to always sanitize your hands to kill germs. It is recommended to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing 60% alcohol. Contact us through for the best hand sanitizer.

Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator
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An oxygen concentrator is a device used mainly for medical purposes to deliver oxygen to individuals with a breathing problem. Individuals with a lower concentration of oxygen in their blood are highly recommended to use an oxygen concentrator to have that oxygen replaced. Covid-19 is a respiratory disease and will have a big impact on the level of oxygen in your blood. 

An oxygen concentrator is equipped with a special filter and sieve bed that help to eliminate Nitrogen from the air to ensure purified oxygen is delivered to the patient. You can also adjust these medical devices to the recommended level of oxygen concentration. Hospitals are well equipped with these devices to help COVID-19 patients stay alive while receiving treatment.


COVID-19 vaccine
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COVID-19 vaccines help the body to produce immunity that helps it in fighting the virus. In case you have an allergic reaction against one type of vaccine it is advised to use another type of vaccine. We have Pfizer-BioNTech which is recommended for people aged 12 years and older with 2 shots taken. After receiving the first dose, the second shot is taken after 3 weeks.

Moderna is also another vaccine recommended for people aged 18 years and above with 2 shots taken with an interval of 28 days. We have another COVID-19 vaccine called Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen which is recommended for people aged 18 years and above and only one shot is taken.


Medical Gloves
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During this pandemic of the covid 19 virus, gloves play a big role in our daily lives. We might forget to sanitize or wash our hands leading to infection and spread of the virus. For that matter using disposable vinyl gloves​​​​​​​ ideal since they can be disposed of after use. Disposing gloves also need a lot of precautions since you can get into contact while undressing the gloves. Used gloves should also be disposed of safely away from reach.

Disposable Medical Protective Suits

Medical protective suits

When it comes to infections we always think of ourselves and forget about our doctors who toil to ensure we are in good health. Disposable medical protective suits are mainly used by healthcare workers to avoid direct contact with covid-19 patients. These suits cover the whole body with no access to entry of the virus. When our doctors are safe from the virus, so are we.

The COVID-19 virus is so deadly when not taken into account in the early stages. It is easy to prevent contamination and reduce the spread by using the above-discussed items and devices. 

Most importantly make an effort to get vaccinated against the covid 19 virus to help your body develop immunity to fight the virus. The covid-19 vaccine will help you prevent contamination of the virus for that matter chances of spreading will be minimal.

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