HABIB Goes Bollywood for Deepavali

Well, the pandemic may have taken the shine off celebrating the Festival of Lights last year, but the grand festival is set to make a joyful comeback this year. Recognizing jewellery as a significant element of Deepavali celebration, Malaysia’s premier homegrown jeweller, HABIB, offers an array of dazzling collections that can cater for the festivities, in line with their campaign theme this year, HABIB Goes Bollywood.

HABIB Goes Bollywood for Deepavali 

With Deepavali fast approaching, HABIB is inspired by the vibrant and captivating Bollywood style. Symbolizing the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness, Deepavali or Diwali is celebrated by millions of people across the world, including Malaysian Indians, with gold being a fundamental feature of the Indian’s worship and tradition for thousands of years. Dhanteras, which marks the beginning of Diwali, is also one of the most auspicious days to make major purchases, especially for new, shiny items including gold jewellery.

Neha Verma in HABIB Exclusive Diamond Collection

Mohd Zaruddin Mahmud, Senior General Manager, Sales & Marketing, HABIB, remarked on the importance of gold jewellery during Deepavali celebration, “The importance of gold jewellery in celebrating Deepavali cannot be underestimated, as gold and gold ornaments are integral to the Indian culture. Traditionally, gold has been synonymous with the festivity for its various religious and cultural attachments. And with the spirit of celebrations in the air, Deepavali also calls for people to dress up in their finest attires in bright and bold colors and not to forget, donning new jewellery, as this symbolizes auspiciousness, success and wealth. HABIB carries a wide range of diamond and Oro Italia 916 gold jewellery, the perfect match to dazzle and complement bright and captivating Bollywood looks.”

“For Indian women especially, aside from dangling chandelier gold earrings, the celebration will not be complete without gold chains, statement necklaces and stacked bangles. For our HABIB Goes Bollywood campaign this year, we have put together our most popular Oro Italia 916 collection to complement the beautiful vibrant and embellished sarees and lengha dresses. The fine craftsmanship of the Oro Italia 916 collection of the Stella and Cavo bangles for instance, when stacked together and matched with the Grande and Ananas gold necklaces, all perfectly complement with the collection’s dangling earrings. The fine craftsmanship and versatile designs make the Oro Italia 916 collection all the more special, which have won the hearts of many Malaysians,” added Mohd Zaruddin.

HABIB Goes Bollywood with Neha Verma, Miss Universe Malaysia third runner-up and Miss HABIB 2020, serves as the face of the campaign

For the HABIB Goes Bollywood campaign, Neha Verma, Miss Universe Malaysia third runner-up and Miss HABIB 2020, serves as the face of the campaign, which highlights bold colors and festive jewellery trends including stacked bangles, layered necklaces and statement diamond pieces. Gifting is also another important tradition during Deepavali. With more and more people realizing the value of gold investment, gifting of gold and diamond jewellery makes a great option.  

Neha Verma, Miss Universe Malaysia third runner-up and Miss HABIB 2020, is the face of HABIB Goes Bollywood campaign. She is adorned with a combination of Oro Italia 916 collection comprising Stella and Cavo broad embroidered bangles, with layering of the Oro Italia 916 Grande and Ananas necklaces.  

HABIB Goes Bollywood for Deepavali 

For a new change of Deepavali style, diamond is also another option that one can be spoilt for choice. Neha Verma looks stunning wearing HABIB’s exclusive diamond collections. No matter the colours and designs of the outfits, statement diamond pieces can elevate any look.

Commenting on the campaign, Neha Verma, Miss Universe Malaysia third runner-up and Miss HABIB 2020, said, “Deepavali is indeed a colorful festival of lights and happiness, and things are definitely looking much brighter this year as we are finally able to celebrate with our family and friends, both near and far, after having gone through months of lockdown. 

However, no Deepavali celebration is complete without a touch of gold jewellery. My personal favorite jewellery style for Deepavali is stacked bangles as I love how a combination of bangles neatly stacked can elevate any look. I am honored to be a part of this campaign that values our culture and I thank HABIB for the opportunity.”

As part of the campaign, HABIB is highlighting unique designs from its Oro Italia 916® collection, as well as its line of exclusive diamond set and pieces. The Oro Italia 916® jewellery line is available in multi-color of 22K yellow, white and rose gold, while the exclusive diamond collection is adorned with a variety of diamonds all set in 18K white gold. 

For more information on HABIB Goes Bollywood campaign, please visit HABIB’s Website or social media pages on Instagram @habibjewelsofficial and Facebook @HABIB

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