6 Most Lucrative Business in The Beauty Industry

In the age of self-awareness and social media the beauty industry has really grown. Especially the younger generation, they all want to look like celebrities. This has led to the tremendous growth in the beauty industry. Everyone now wants to have a skincare routine and a spa day.

6 Most Lucrative Business in The Beauty Industry
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This has made the beauty industry a very lucrative business, so if you would like to be part of a very interesting industry and you can still make a lot of money, here are 10 most lucrative businesses in the beauty industry that you can venture into.

1. Beauty Blogging

All you need to be a beauty blogger is a good camera, and a passion for beauty. You can showcase your morning skin care routine, evening skin care routine. You can also make tutorials for your audience. You can review beauty products, you can upload your videos on platforms such as youtube and you can make money. Also if you have a big number of viewers’ beauty companies can partner with you either to create awareness around their products or just advertise for them their products and they can pay you. You can make good money doing beauty blogging. 

2. Nail Salon/Manicure and Pedicure Salon

Both women and men now are taking grooming and looking good very seriously. Both women and men now want to have a pedicure and manicure done every once in a while. Also the growth in the nail industry is undeniable the style, the technique and also technology in the nail industry has really evolved .the best thing about the nail business is that you do not necessarily need a physical shop you can decide to be mobile and go where the customer is, this help cut a lot of expenses which means more for you.

3. Makeup Artist

If you have the talent and the passion for makeup, you can work with powders, lipsticks and concealer to create a beautiful face. This is probably your way of making money. Yes you can make tons of money from just doing makeup. For a makeup artist all you need is many shades of foundation, concealers and lipstick to cater to all your clients’ skin shades and a set of good quality makeup brushes. This business can be done both full time and part time. This is one of the most lucrative businesses in the beauty industry. Now another thing this industry is so diverse you can work in the entertainment industry where you do make up for movie actors for musician shooting music videos you can even end up in corporate because recently have also started appreciating the power of presentation now corporates are now hiring makeup artist to do make up on their customer care and front desk stuff.

4. Hair Industry

The hair industry has grown so much. People have become really creative with how they look. This led to an increase in demand for wigs. Weaves and wigs are slowly taking over the industry. Quickly they are easy to fix, you can have long black hair today and curly blonde hair tomorrow thanks to wigs and weaves. This is a very profitable business since wigs/weaves cost a ton of money, before starting a hair business do a lot of research on sourcing, manufacturing and how to price artificial eyelashes have also grown in demand This is also another business that can be done online.

5. Anti-aging Clinic

Growing old is inevitable but looking old is definitely optional thanks to anti-aging clinics,anti-aging clinics provide remedies of slowing down the processes of looking old by offering skincare products that help our skin look supple and young.as lucrative as it maybe it is also a very sensitive industry so before venturing into it do a lot of research even on the laws and regulation put in place by the government. Actually with a lot of research and a professional background you can also come up with a formula and manufacture your own anti-aging products. You will need excellent packing to be able to sell your product. Invest in a good packaging machine like Levapack premade pouch filling machine. This will help you pack your products efficiently.

6. Massage and Spa Parlor

After a long day of work everyone wants to relax. And if you want to be extra you can get a professional to help feel like a million.in the recent past people have started valuing relaxation and rejuvenation very serious.in turn and lead to the rise of the spa business. You can make a turn of money just by making people feel good. For capital it requires a relatively low capital input to start, all you need is a massage bed, essential oils for massage and a very clean premises and that  is it,you can start making your money.

These are not the only businesses in the beauty industry you can venture into. There are many others for example stretch marks removal is also a very lucrative business the only problem is that it is quite expensive to invest in.You can also try a tanning salon and give people tanned skin all year. This business is mostly viable in areas where there is a high population of people who need tanning. If you have a passion for making people look and feel good then the beauty industry is where you should consider putting your money.

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