Neon Light Signs - All You Need To Know

Neon signs are composed of glass tubes filled with deadly photons, or more specifically, neon. Neon is a colorless gas that glows bright red when an electrical discharge passes through it. The most common way to get electricity to pass through the tube is by removing some of the air inside the tube and then charging both ends until volts build up.

What Are The Benefits Of Custom Neon Signs?

Neon signs come in both traditional and digital styles but are typically used for advertising or exterior decorations. Signs are available in various colors, including carousel reds, purple clouds, gold platters, green apples, and pink champagne. Those considering neon signage should also consider other types of lighting to "complement" the sign's color.

Neon is very clear when lit up. It emits visible light, making text stand out more sharply than lights with less distinct colors. The only main disadvantage of using neon is that it requires almost an hour to cool down after use. In comparison, incandescent bulbs take just seconds before they can be touched comfortably again. Neon gives off very little heat, so this isn't usually an issue.


Neon signs are a common sight in the streets and some brightly lit-up areas of cities or towns. They can be found on billboards, buildings, bars, and clubs and used as decoration on vehicles such as buses and trains. There have been quite some fashion trends going around that include neon lights embellishments, such as leg warmers with built-in blinking lights for club goers.

Companies use LED neon signs to make their place noticeable by customers, thus increasing their exposure to potential buyers. Neon signage is also typical at trade shows and conventions where they display attractive logos or slogans to make the companies stand from the rest of the exhibitors. You can also try handmade neon signs with custom orders to get relevant results. Use remote control operated lights that you can hang easily with pre-drilled holes.

How To Choose Neon Light Signs?

Neon signs have been used for more than a century. In that time, their use has evolved from just being used on the storefront of mom-and-pop businesses and family-owned shops to decorating high-end luxury hotels and fine restaurants. Neon signs can be found in all corners of society, and any company or establishment could benefit from having one.

But how do you choose which neon sign is right for your business? Are there factors involved when selecting a neon sign? How much does something like this cost? What types of designs are available?  Below, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on what to consider when buying a neon light sign, your choices in design and color, the size needed to fulfill your needs, and finally, cost and maintenance.

1. Determine the neon purpose

Are you looking for a neon sign that is going to be primarily decorative or functional? If you plan on using the sign as ads, such as in the window of your store, then it may need to produce light consistently. On the other hand, if it will be primarily decorative and only used occasionally, such as hanging outside your home, it can be used intermittently and can even use lighter colors and designs.

2. Size Matters

Size is another critical factor to consider because the sign displayed significantly affects what size would look best. For example, if you are showing a restaurant at night, it would make sense that the sign should be large enough so that people could see it from down the street. Neon signs are built with different sizes in mind, so you will have to consider what size would work best for your purposes.

3. Design and Color

When it comes to the design of the sign, there are no rules except one: do not copy someone else design or logo without their permission. Neon signs are almost always wholly unique because they are created just for that purpose alone.

When choosing colors, it is essential to think about how the neon will blend with the décor around it and whether enough attention can be drawn to certain parts of the sign that may need focus, such as advertisements or logos.

4. Your budget

When beginning your search, the final thing that you should consider is how much money you want to spend on this new purchase. You do not need to spend a fortune, but it is vital to set a budget to narrow down your options. Remember, neon signs are unique and custom-made for each client's individual needs. They can be pricey because of this.

Neon light signs are a great way to attract customers while also providing an attractive display. We've presented everything you need to know about neon lights, including how they're made and who uses them most often. 

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