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Recently Energizer Malaysia expanded its brand portfolio in Malaysia with the official launch of Armor All® – the world's leading brand in high quality auto care products. Synonymous with ‘world’s first’ innovations and emerging technologies with a powerful portfolio of groundbreaking products, Energizer Holdings - Energizer Malaysia‘s holding company, first acquired the Armor All® brand in 2018. 

Armor All® Auto Care 

Over the years, as Energizer Malaysia continuously grew its presence as a leading company, they have bolstered their portfolio of consumer brands within the country, including adding the globally renowned auto care brand Armor All® today.

“At Energizer, we understand our customers' needs, including the changing needs of car owners during this pandemic, thus turning this change into an opportunity to enter the auto care segment in Malaysia. The quality of all Armor All® formulations enables us to offer effective car care products that make cars look the best they can - at a value for money price. With products like the all-in-one and 1-step application range, it is easy to achieve professional results at home - as promised by the tagline ‘Looking good made easy’. We are confident that we are offering an impactful difference to car owners looking for a product range that is easy to use yet works wonderfully. We will also be introducing more Armor All® innovations to Malaysian car owners as we expand the product range into Malaysia in the next 6 to 9 months, leading into 2022,” said Diane Lee, Business Director – Malaysia & Singapore, Energizer Holdings Inc. 

Aaron Abner Ang, Head of Marketing – Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia, Energizer Holdings Inc shared, “We are confident that Armor All® will be a game changer in the consumer auto care product space in Malaysia. As a global consumer products company with a wide range of leading brands, Energizer’s mission is to lead the charge to deliver value to our customers and consumers better than anyone else. To elevate visibility for Armor All®, we’ve entered the exciting world of Grand Prix racing, with Jenson Button signing on as Armor All®’s first ever global brand ambassador. Meanwhile, in Malaysia, we are honoured to work with car experts like YS Khong, GC Mah, Alex Yoong, and Tengku Djan to create awareness on Armor All®, besides partnering with car wash businesses to showcase our products.”

Armor All® - ‘Looking good made easy’

Armor All® - ‘Looking good made easy’

Exterior and Dashboard 

The Armor All® Protectant series focuses on the interior surfaces of your car. On a daily basis, our cars are exposed to dirt, grime and damaging elements like UV rays and oxidation. The protectants will ensure that your car’s dashboard is safe from cracking, discoloration and premature ageing. The Waterless Wash & Wax Spray will have your cars looking showroom ready at all times with easy application via a quick spray and a gentle wipe. For those who prefer to handle things the traditional way, the regular Wash & Wax products are also available. 

Wheel and Tire 

Car wheels are constantly under assault from grease, road grime and brake dust that get baked on during the heat of driving and on-the-road conditions. Armor All®’s triple action formula Wheel & Tire Cleaner dissolve grease, road grime and brake dust to reveal the hidden glory of your beautiful tires and rims. The Tire Foam spray will leave your tires clean, shiny and protected within minutes.

Windscreen and Glass 

The Armor All® Glass Cleaner is specially formulated to ensure that your car windscreen and windows provide optimum clarity. Regular household glass cleaners usually contain ammonia which damages automotive surfaces, but this cleaner can tackle the toughest dirt without the need for ammonia, thus keeping your car protected. 

Leather Seats 

Our beloved leather car seats, arguably the spot where you spend the most time while in your car, will benefit from Armor All®’s Leather Flow Wipes and Leather Care gel, which ensure that the leather is cleaned to its original finish. With added beeswax, you get extra protection and a matte finish for the leather. Leather care Gel is without beeswax. 

Armor All® products are available for purchase at all Tesco / Lotus’s stores (available in over 40 chain hyper/supermarkets) and other selected supermarket chains. For more information, please visit (mobile web app) or get in touch via Facebook

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