Avoid These Stressful Problems When You’re Traveling

You want your vacation abroad to be fun and relaxing. You don’t want it to be a stressful experience that raises your blood pressure. To make sure that happens, you should read this guide on how to avoid three common travel problems. 

Avoid These Stressful Problems When You’re Traveling
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Losing Your Luggage:

You’re worried that you’ll find yourself sitting at the baggage carousel empty-handed. How can you avoid this travel problem? 

Baggage typically gets lost during the transfer period from one flight to another. So, when you’re booking your tickets, try to find connecting flights that aren’t too close together. Mistakes happen when people need to rush. 

On the day of your departure, check-in early. Again, you want to give the airline plenty of time to handle your luggage and get it to the right spot.

Finally, make sure that your luggage is easily identifiable. Get a brightly-colored suitcase. Tie ribbons to the handle. Add stickers on the front. Attach a tag with your full name and contact info to it. No traveler will accidentally mistake your luggage for theirs and pull it off the carousel when it looks so unique. 

Losing Your Phone:

You need your phone when you’re traveling. It’s how you can get around in a new location without getting hopelessly lost. It helps translate languages that you don’t speak fluently. You can use it to book tickets, take photos and contact your friends and family all the way back home. You don’t want to lose it.

What can you do to avoid this?

• Try to keep your phone on your person at all times. Don’t leave it unattended.

• Add a wrist-strap to your phone so that you don’t drop it or forget it.

• Download apps like Find My Device or Find My iPhone before you go. These can help you track your phone when it goes missing.

Don’t go looking for your phone if the GPS-tracking shows that it’s in an unfamiliar area — this means it was likely stolen. Don’t risk a confrontation over your phone. You can report it missing to the authorities if you feel that it’s necessary. 

If you really want to be careful and feel like your safety is jeopardized without your phone, you should prepare to replace it during your trip. Set aside some emergency savings so that you can buy a new phone right away. If you can’t do this, you could try applying for an online loan through CreditFresh to help you resolve this urgent problem. A fast online loan could be the best solution for you in this situation.

Getting Jetlag

Dealing with jet lag disorder may not be as stressful as losing your luggage or smartphone, but it has the power to ruin your vacation. Instead of having a fun, relaxing time, you’ll feel sick and miserable. And if you’re traveling as a couple or a group, jet lag could be the catalyst to arguments and full-blown fights. 

What can you do to stop jet lag from souring your whole experience?

• Drink plenty of water during your flight. Hydration will keep symptoms at bay.

• Avoid too much caffeine or alcohol during your flight.

• Take naps during longer flights.

• Adjust to the new time zone after you arrive. Don’t go to sleep until it’s nighttime there. 

Don’t let these common travel problems get you down. Follow these tips so that you can actually enjoy your vacation while you’re on it. 

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