When’s the Best Time to Get Cheap Internet?

Although anyone can get cheap Internet at any point during the year, there are some months that offer the lowest rates by comparison. At the same time, knowing what a “good” promotional rate is could make a massive difference between paying $200 extra per year. If you’re thinking of shopping for inexpensive Internet, here’s the best time to take advantage of low-cost deals.

When’s the Best Time to Get Cheap Internet?
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What do Aussies Pay on Average?

On average, Australians pay $71 per month for their NBN plan, which works out to $852 per year. Customers in WA and TAS spend the most on NBN ($73), while SA only spends $68. We already see a pattern: paying for cheap Internet is determined by where you live.

However, there isn’t too much of a difference between Western Australian/Tasmania Internet costs and South Australia. Still, saving $60 per year can amount to a lot of savings for the average Australian. Speed is also a factor for what an Aussie may pay for a plan. For example, an NBN 250 plan will cost significantly less than the NBN 1000 plan. 

Here’s a rough table of each plan based on NBN speeds:

NBN 12 plans: $50-$70 per month

NBN 25 plans: $60-$75 per month

NBN 50 plans: $65-$100 per month

NBN 100 plans: $85-$130 per month

NBN 250 plans: $110-$140 per month

NBN 1000 plans: $150-$180 per month

What’s more, Australia is starting to roll out 5G across several states. Most 5G plans are pricier than NBN due to its wireless connectivity and because it’s typically bundled with your cellphone and home plan. Regardless, most Aussies are spending $65-$75 per month when we account for bundle plans, location, and speed. With this baseline, we can determine what “cheap” is!

When is the Best Time to Buy or Switch Internet Plans?

The majority of countries tend to see falling prices around the same time. Overall, Internet rates are falling across the world regardless. Still, watch for deals during the following times:

During the Summer

Internet service providers change monthly pricing and promotional rates frequently, but there’s a massive correlation between low Internet rates and the Summer months. Yes, even in Australia, where the Summer and Winter are reversed. This is because most people are spending more time surfing the waves and less time surfing the web, which is true on average.

You may see a $100-$250 annual drop in bill rates during these months, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for a better deal anyway! When a business is offering a discount, they’re typically hurting for customers. Leverage that fact to get an even better deal!

During Off-Season

Typically, the off-season for cheap Internet is in January, September, and November because of the school months, meaning you’re more than likely to pay more for your Internet. However, Internet providers will offer great student discounts that may be even better than summer rates during these times. Ask your Internet provider if you need to be a student to qualify.

Still, you need to be careful and not get suckered in by those “too-good-to-be-true” rates that try to cash in on students who waited too long to sign up. These deals will typically be short-lived on high-cost Internet plans that cost an arm and a leg once the discount is inevitably removed.

During Bad Seasons

No one really knows when a “bad season” happens for an Internet provider or when it’s likely to occur because a business will do everything in its power to prevent that outcome. However, if you notice an Internet provider offering more great rates than normal, they’re likely having a bad season. Sign up on a coupon site to make sure you don’t miss out on these deals.

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