DADI Cinema in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur & Da Men USJ

It's been a while since the last time I watched movie in the cinema, I miss going to the cinema, how about you? I yearn for the excitement going to the cinema, the 2 hours immersive experience, and the enjoyment of each storyline. Finally, I when to the Dadi Cinema (pronounced as DAA-DEE) and watch the latest The Suicide Squad. Omg... it was an awesome unforgettable movie-watching experience and yes I will definitely go back for again for more movies. 

DADI Cinema in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur & Da Men USJ
Dadi Cinema Pavilion KL Star-Max Hall

Well, Dadi Cinema is China’s 2nd largest cinema chain expands into Malaysia. The cinema chain is opening its doors on 1 November 2021 to the public, at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and Da Men USJ

Dadi Cinema Pavilion KL Star-Max Hall

Both locations will feature unique interior concepts: Dadi Cinema Pavilion Kuala Lumpur will be the first in Malaysia to introduce a “watching movies under the stars concept” with its Star-Max Hall where the entire hall is surrounded by a starry, galactic theme. You must try this, its really first-of-its-kind in the nation. Besides this, advanced laser projector technology is also used to deliver crystal-clear cinema graphics while the Dolby Atmos sound system offers an enhanced level of surround audio experience. 

Dadi Cinema Da Men - Street Scheme

Meanwhile, Dadi Cinema Da Men USJ is designed with a “Street Scheme” open concept with architectural images, signages and street signs, giving movie-goers a treat even before their movie begins. 
Dadi Cinema Pavilion KL - Star+ Recliner Seats

Dadi Cinema Pavilion Kuala Lumpur also offer a VIP experience with the premium Star+ Hall, an indulging treat you don’t want to miss complete with premium twin leatherette recliner cabin seats, wireless charging pad, service call button, and a private lounge with free flow selected concessions to enjoy before the movie starts.

Dadi Cinema Pavilion KL - Lil Star Hall

Little ones will also have a great time at Dadi Cinema with the family-friendly Lil Star Hall which comes complete with adorable, customised kids seating and the Lil Star Playland for some fun play before the movie starts, both also available at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and Da Men USJ. The Lil Star Hall is so cute and I wish to bring my nieces there. 

Dadi Cinema Pavilion KL - Lil Star Playland

Aside from watching the latest blockbuster hits, movie-goers can enjoy shopping at Dadi Cinema merchandise section. They can also sign up online for the Dadi Cinema membership card, U+, which will offer them discounts and special offers applicable at all Dadi Cinemas.

Dadi Cinema Pavilion KL - Star+ Lounge

“Malaysians enjoy going to the cinemas and we want to further this enjoyment by giving them an unforgettable time at Dadi Cinema. We are excited to enter the Malaysian movie-going scene, bringing along the signature experiences that we are known for in all our cinemas. Watching a movie at Dadi Cinema is more than just sitting at your seat with your popcorn enjoying the latest blockbuster. It is a truly immersive experience from when you purchase a ticket right up to the ending credits. Every moment at Dadi Cinema will make the outing even more memorable for all ages. We can’t wait to showcase to Malaysians what Dadi Cinema is well known for and look forward to welcoming you all at our new theatres,” says Jessica Chong, Senior Marketing Manager from Dadi Cinema.

Dadi Cinema is part of the Dadi Cinema Group, which was established in 2000. It is China’s second largest cinema chain with 2,936 screens in 496 cinemas across 191 cities throughout China*. This will be its first overseas expansion in Malaysia with new locations being planned for in the future such as Pavilion Bukit Jalil and Pavilion Damansara Heights.

Tickets can be purchased via online, Dadi Cinema App (Huawei App Gallery & Apple Store), as well as walk-in to the concession counters at the cinema. 

For more information about DADI Cinema in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur & Da Men USJ, please visit Dadi Cinema Website, Facebook, and Instagram #DadiCinema

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