Best Bed Ideas: The 5 Essential Qualities of a Good Mattress

When you plan to shop for a new mattress, it is not only about the price and comfort you would think; instead, you should consider all other essential qualities that make up a good mattress.

Best Bed Ideas: The 5 Essential Qualities of a Good Mattress
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A good mattress should possess every vital feature of the product. These features must be distinct to the type of mattress that you are buying, and these features would make the best purchase if you find them all in the product:

The Quality of Each Mattress Type 

The type of your mattress says a lot about the item you are buying. Know that the best mattresses always have the best quality.

●Latex Bed - this comes from organic material, a rubber tree sap. It is hypoallergenic and needs minimal maintenance because it does not readily accumulate dust, molds, and mildew.

● Hybrid Mattress is made from steel coils combined with either memory foam or latex foam. The spring gives the right sturdiness and support, while the foam provides the best comfort.

● Innerspring Mattress is constructed from coil springs and foam. This bed is best for stomach sleepers because of its uniform surface.

● Pillowtop Mattress - a pillow-top mattress has an additional layer of padding that gives comfort. The contouring support of the padding makes it best for back sleepers or side sleepers.

● Adjustable bed - this bed type is best if you need to sleep in a reclining position, like having sleep apnea symptoms and acid reflux. This bed is also best when relaxing while watching TV or reading while in bed.

The Material Used

Different mattresses have different materials; although some may be common, most are unique to each type. And the most common that you should consider are: 

● The foam - each mattress uses different types of foam. There is latex foam which is from organic material. You also have memory foam commonly used in a spring bed which gives the best motion isolation feature. And some beds use polyurethane foam or polyfoam, which are cheaper but have a low-grade quality.

Each foam type has a distinct quality that makes up the total quality of the mattress. Each also has different health benefits, which the material attributes. Be aware of each foam type and choose according to your specific need and health requirement.

● The Spring: One of the many springs is the marshall coil, popularly known as the pocket spring. It is an individually functioning spring that reduces the impact of weight on the mattress. 

Another type is the Bonnel coil which is spiral. It is responsive to pressure and provides consistent support throughout the bed. This type of spring is usually cheaper but has a shorter lifespan.

Another spring type is the Continuous coil. This type has multiple individual spring coils that are made into one long continuous wire. This spring type is also best for motion isolation, which best gives comfort during sleep. Also, this spring type enables support for more weight because of its increased density which comes from the interlacing structure of the spring.

The Perfect Size

The size of the bed equally matters. You should establish the best size of the bed based on your needs. Sizes are: 

● King size - 76” x 80”

● Queen size - 60” x 80”

● Full size - 54” x 75”

● Twin XL - 38” x 80”

It is essential to consider the bed sizes; of course, you do not want to sleep with your feet hanging if you are six feet tall lying in a 75” bed. Also, bed size matters, especially if you’re sleeping with a partner. You should have enough space for each other for ease and comfort of sleep.  


Since you do not replace a mattress so often, it is essential to check the durability of your desired product. It must have a quality seal from the manufacturer to guarantee a certain lifespan of the product. You must be able to check on the product specifications before you decide to buy. 

A durable mattress comes with strong cushioning support that prevents it from quickly getting saggy. Your bed should have a lifespan of 7 - 10 years to give you the optimum use and functioning.

Health Benefits

Health matters most. And everything that you look for in a mattress is incomplete without a close look at the health benefits that it can give. Health benefits must be established first because a wrong purchase might put a risk to your long-term health. 

Sleeping position is a factor in gaining better health, so look for the right bed for your specific sleeping position. Similarly, there are also beds for people that are prone to allergies. Some also have adjustability or reclining features which are best if you need to sleep in a reclined position. 

Buying a new mattress requires a careful and detailed selection process, and top-of-mind criteria would be its quality. Don’t mess up with your purchase; choose the best buy with the best quality.

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