New Styles for Cool Comfort with Sneaker Fest 2021

Bata Malaysia has launched its October comeback campaign, Sneaker Fest 2021 with its wide and amazing range that showcases new styles with cool comfort. The Sneaker Fest 2021 includes men, women and kids shoes from Power, North Star, Bubblegummers, HelloKitty, Disney Frozen, and Marvel X Bata. One of the key highlights is the XoRise+, Power's blockbuster running hero collection set to be launched globally.

New Styles for Cool Comfort with Sneaker Fest 2021

“With ongoing pandemic there is an increased focus on health, fitness and active lifestyle, and Sneakers are gaining even more importance in our consumers’ wardrobe. At BATA, we continue to offer the best selection of sneakers with amazing innovation and affordable styles that will elevate our consumers’ active lifestyle. We are excited to launch Power XoRise+, as this series is equipped with the latest Energy Return technology, which makes training easy and provides maximum energy for minimum weight,” says Vaibhav Manrao, Country Manager of BATA Malaysia.

BATA’s Power 3D Energy range is also one of our key performance shoes; a collection of cool and versatile styles that bring urban comfort all day long. Breathable mesh, high-rebound, added cushioning, lightweight midsole, anti-slip and anti-microbial protection are some of the innovations included in some of our performance sneakers. 

Aside from that, lace-up, slip-ons and playful designs (Marvel X BATA, HelloKitty and Disney Frozen) are some of the exciting designs for Sneaker Fest while for the fashion-forward, BATA’s comfortable street footwear like court sneakers, chunky sneakers and all-white sneakers remain as one of the crowd favourites for Sneaker Fest 2021.

XoRise+ Collection

Get ready to elevate your run with XoRise+, Power's blockbuster running hero collection. XoRise+ is the latest evolution of our XoRise hero collection and it is designed to provide not only high rebound but also ultra-lightweight through its midsole technology. 

The two new designs XoRise+500 Series and XoRise+100 Series are excellent choices for medium-distance running. The key technology includes:

Midsole: XoRise+ midsole is made of TPE, a compound that delivers both cushioning and high rebound, resulting in a very efficient energy return. This energy return is like a spring that helps propel the runner forward. In addition, TPE is ultra-lightweight, keeping runners from tiring prematurely as it requires less energy output.

Power’s Tunnel System® is an integral part of the XoRise+ 500 Series midsole. This recessed cushioning technology not only reduces weight but also allows the midsole material to displace into cavities to redistribute impact forces.


For XoRise+ 500 Series; The Full rubberized outsole guarantees slip resistance on paved surfaces. 

For XoRise+100 Series: Rubberized coverage in key areas provides slip-resistance on paved surfaces. These rubberized pods in the forefoot and heel are lightweight and provide traction on pavement.


For XoRise+ 500 Series; Made of Tech Mesh, the upper is highly breathable and lightweight. It will help you feel fresh and comfortable throughout your run. 

For the XoRise+100 Series: A breathable sublimated mesh upper will help you feel fresh and comfortable throughout your run.


For XoRise+ 500 Series; Power’s AVC, Active Vent Cushioning, the moulded insole is made of open-cell PU with active ventilation perforations that help keep the runner’s feet dry, enhancing comfort. AVC insoles offer improved cushioning in key areas.

For XoRise+100 Series: Ortholite® insoles provide all-day comfort and long-lasting cushioning. These breathable insoles feature an anti-microbial treatment that speeds up the absorption of moisture and keep your feet dry and reduce foot odor.

3D Energy Collection

Unlike the usual lifestyle sneakers, Bata 3D Energy proposes a collection of mainstream and versatile styles that brings urban comfort all day long; it keeps you energized by putting a spring in every step for a feeling of maximum comfort. 

This collection provides the best of stability and cushioning wrapped in a lightweight shoe and an ideal sneakers for everyday ventures that are made for both office and leisure times. Its versatile designs and colorways allow easy mix-matching for daily style too.

Bata 3D Energy sneakers are designed to answer the consumers’ need for impact absorption. The

3 key technologies include:

  • The rebound sole that boosts every step
  • The heel stabilizer that provides hardback support for a greater balance
  • The memory foam insole and back counter enhance the feeling of cushioning for instant comfort.

Availability: Bata Malaysia is available at BATA stores, BATA website, Shopee (Bata Official Store), Lazada (Bata Flagship Store) and ChatShop. 

For more information or updates about Bata Sneaker Fest 2021 news and promotions, please visit Bata Malaysia Instagram and Facebook

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