Facts About Omega Watches

Omega: The Omega Company was founded in the year 1848. It is a company of the Swatch Group who is regarded as the number one global watch manufacturer. For over a hundred and sixty years, the brand has been innovating and excellent watches. They still stick to their original spirit to this day. They continue making technical and watchmaking history with innovations in diverse areas of precision technology & design and sports timing.

Facts About Omega Watches

By maintaining their quality standards, they have partnered with top-level competitions in various sports such as swimming, athletics, yachting, bobsleigh, and golf. This brand has actively shown support to precision and perfection and that’s why it is endorsed by top-level competitions.

Here are some amazing facts about the Omega watch brand;

Incredible precision

Since the Omega watch brand was founded, it has been on a quest to achieve chronometric accuracy and precision. During the 19th and 20th centuries, trials on observation were held to test specific timepiece functions in an attempt to encourage industrial advancement. 

During the 1931 observatory trial at Geneva, Omega topped all the six categories in terms of precision and accuracy. Later in the same year, the company adopted the slogan “Omega-Exact time for life” and that marketed its popularity incredibly. The popularity of the Omega Company exploded and their brand became a household name.

Omega conquers magnetism

Most watch brands had failed to conquer magnetism. In the year 2013, omega developed a watch that was able to resist extreme magnetism levels. They uniquely achieved this. Rather than use a soft inner iron case to resist magnetism, they used components that were made of non-ferrous materials. 

That effectively resisted any kind of magnetic field and no inner case was required. This method of resisting magnetism was the first to resist magnetic fields that were more than 15,000 gausses. The company released its innovative movement in its new watch model known as the Omega Globemaster. It has continued incorporating that technology in all the other Omega watches.

Celebrities love Omega watch models

Many celebrities have admitted to loving wearing Omega watches. It started a long time ago with people like former US President J. F Kennedy, Former Soviet president Mikhali Gorbachev, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, and many other people. It is on record that former US president, J.F Kennedy wore an Omega watch during his inauguration ceremony in January 1961. 

That watch is today housed at an Omega Museum and those interested to see it can visit and enjoy the view of the vintage watch that is still in good condition. It is also James Bond’s favorite watch. Since his movie “Goldeneye” in 1995, he has been wearing Omega watch models. The company has honored its partnership with the renowned British spy by releasing a special update of the Seamaster Diver 300M. They’ve named it the James Bond fiftieth anniversary collector piece.

Facts About Omega Watches

Omega and the Olympics

After achieving first place in the observatory practice of 1931, the Olympic committee decided to try it out. The Omega watches were the official timekeepers of the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. All the departments and disciplines of that Olympic used Omega watches for time-keeping purposes. Since then, the partnership of Omega watches and the Olympic competition remains intact.

When it comes to precision and accuracy, no watch brand can match the Omega brand. The watch brands of Omega are of a high standard and you can get any of the types from https://www.cortinawatch.com/my/en/omega/. If you get one, be sure it will last for a long time and still be in good condition. That is the reason why you will need one in your collection today. 

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