Top 7 Reasons To Wear Sexy Chemises

During medieval times, chemises were considered as undergarments used to keep your body oils and sweat from staining your outer garments and other formal wear. Keep in mind that people used to wear thick woolen clothing and multiple outer garments at once during this time. It has both been used by men and women; women use it as shirts and men wear it with their trousers. Now in the modern era, only women are wearing chemises as they are now part of the women’s lingerie collection.

Chemises are popularly known as slips these days. They’re made from soft fabrics such as satin, silk, or cotton. Aside from being considered lingerie, women can also wear them as sleepwear. You can find various selections of chemises from different well-known brand designers. Overall, chemises can now be considered as one of the women’s wardrobe essentials.

7 Reasons To Invest In And Wear Sexy Chemises

But the question now is, why do women love the idea of wearing sexy chemises? Women who frequently wear them may already understand how wearing a piece of chemise can make them feel beautiful, sexy, and special. Meanwhile, if you have never owned one before, this article may change your mind and help you understand why this daring vintage garment deserves its fashion comeback. Here are the top seven reasons why you should wear chemises.  

It Makes You Feel Glamorous 

Wearing a piece of sexy chemise will instantly make you feel glamorous and put together. You can credit it to your chemise as it’s designed to be subtle and flowy. Before, they were made to provide comfort while being worn as an undergarment. Now, they’re an essential part of your lingerie collection created to make you feel sexy and beautiful.

If you may have noticed, chemises are often designed with lace and other see-through fabrics and colors that exude poise and seduction. That’s why chemises are worn by movie characters whenever they’re about to shoot love scenes. Ultimately, you don’t need to try so hard with your hair or nails as wearing a chemise will effortlessly make you look and feel sensual.

It’s A Comfy Nightwear Option 

Aside from making you feel effortlessly glamorous, chemises also make great and comfortable nightwear. The fabrics used to make chemises are soft and comfy. Moreover, they’re also stitched to perfectly suit your body and allow movement regardless of how often you toss and turn every night.  

While there’s nothing wrong with wearing pajamas in your sleep, you can’t deny that there will be certain nights in which you need to rock a chemise. This is true, particularly if you and your partner are about to have a luxurious overnight stay somewhere in a gorgeous hotel or a secluded resort. A luxury overnight vacation deserves glamorous and sexy nightwear.  

It Makes You Feel And Look More Feminine While Wearing Business Attire 

Chemises are not only made for night use. You can also use it as an undergarment in your day-to-day business attire. You probably have one of those days wherein you’re just not feeling that confidence and power when wearing your office clothes, especially if you’ve been wearing them for a long time. With a chemise underneath, this sexy little secret will surely boost your self-confidence and make you feel good and feminine despite your business uniform.  

 There’s no doubt you’ll always feel confident and powerful every time you go to work. You can also wear a chemise underneath if you’re attending a school meeting and other formal events that require you to wear business attire.  

It Gives Extra Confidence In The Bedroom 

Have you ever had one of those nights wherein you’re not feeling completely confident about yourself when sharing the bedroom with your partner? Perhaps, you’re feeling more self-conscious about how you look with that lingerie you bought intended for a sensual night. Or, maybe you’re just not used to wearing daring and revealing lingerie. Thankfully, you can get extra confidence in the bedroom without exposing too much of your private areas with a chemise.

A chemise can still offer full coverage on your body while still looking sexy, flirty, and feminine. It’s also designed to be flowy to ensure it highlights your bust and flatters your curves. So, if you’re having one of those sexy nights with your partner, don’t forget to have a chemise on hand to give you extra sexiness and confidence in the bedroom. If you want to impress your partner in bed, you can wear satin chemise and lacy lingerie as a duo to boost your confidence and leave your partner in awe.

It Keeps You Warm Or Cool 

Aside from making you feel sexy and glamorous, chemises are also functional all year round. During the winter months, you can wear a chemise underneath your dresses and coats as it’ll act as an extra layer to keep you warm. Moreover, it makes wearing dresses a lot easier and more comfortable, especially if you’re wearing tights underneath. 

On the other hand, you can go for chemises designed for summer wear during the hot months. These chemises are lightweight and gently drape on your body’s curves. Plus, you won’t need to worry about feeling sweaty or sticky as chemises will always feel breezy and floaty to wear, no matter how hot the weather is. 

It Acts Like A Shapewear But Sexier 

Perhaps some of you have already thrown out the idea of wearing tight-fitting dresses due to the fear of getting visible lines from shapewear. Thankfully, with a chemise, you can feel a lot sexier with or without the typical shapewear you always have. Chemises will help your tight-fitting dresses hang better when you wear them, and it also helps flaunt your curves. So, take out the tight dresses you’ve been hiding in your wardrobe and start wearing them more with your chemise underneath.

It Can Be Worn As Outerwear 

The idea of wearing a chemise as outerwear may sound ridiculous at first. But did you know that it’s also becoming a trend these days? A lot of women are wearing chemises as one of their options for a summer dress. Just make sure you get the right chemise that’s not too revealing for you to nail that summer look.

No matter how you choose to wear it, a chemise will surely be a perfect garment to suit your style. You can feel confident and fashionable no matter what you’re doing while wearing them. You can also have fun experimenting with different styles of chemises until you find the best one for you.

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