5 Hairstyles You Can Try With Clip-In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become so popular that their market will grow by $1.2 billion by 2024. If you have invested in clip in extensions and assume that there are not many ways to style your hair, think again. 

5 Hairstyles You Can Try With Clip-In Hair Extensions    
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This article is your go-to when you wonder what hairstyle to try for a formal or informal event. While the list is limitless, five of the top styles are picked and discussed here. 


No one can say no to a classy twist. In addition, they are so easy to create that you will want to use the same style many times. Clip-on your extensions as you usually do, and either wave your hair or straighten it, depending on what mood hits you. 

Now take one-inch sections from either side of your head and twist them until they meet at the back of your head. Cross them over behind your head and secure them. Viola! You are ready for a dressy evening or a night out with friends. 

High Bun

This is another style that suits just about any occasion. You may not know, but extensions make for great buns. First, clip in the extensions, and then tie a high ponytail. Now take it a step further and loosely twist the hair around the elastic until it forms a bun. You can comb your ponytail before securing it into a bun for a classy look or keep it ruffled for a messy appearance. Pull a few hair strands to the front to frame your face. 

Low Bun

A low bun adds a twist to the above two styles. Again, start with the extensions, and then twist your hair low behind your head. Now take the entire hair and knot it up into a bun below the twist. You do not have to use any heated equipment because you won't be leaving any hair open. 

Fishtail Braids

Women of any age can do these. They are trendy and give you untreated beach waves the next morning. Therefore, it's a two-in-one package deal. You can start braiding the hair from the top or from the nape of your neck. You can also make more than one braid. Add a few flowers or a classy headband, and you are ready to rock. 

French Braid

Try a classic and never go out of style. Extensions can help you create a thick and long French braid that says chic to the bottom. 

Once the extensions are in place, you can start braiding your hair by taking in little sections from each side. Add a few strands with each overlap. After reaching the nape of your neck, tie the remaining hair into a low bun or braid it till the end. 

Extensions are a great way to add luster and volume to your hair. Invest in good-quality clip in extensions and pick from these top five hairstyles to make every occasion remarkable. You won’t need any help with these either. All these styles are DIY. So, go wild with these and many other hairdos this holiday season. 

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