10 Benefits Seniors Get from Osteopathy

People often get reclusive and restrict their lives to remaining indoors as they age. This mostly happens due to physical limitations that come along with age-related ailments. But you can still live an eternal life with Osteopathy, an effective technique for seniors that helps them stay active and physically independent. This is done through muscle relaxation, joint flexibility, postural balance, and maintaining healthy blood flow.  

10 Benefits Seniors Get from Osteopathy
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With age comes the wear and tear of the body, degeneration of joints, stiffness, and pain in several body parts. This is where Osteopathy can help by keeping the body agile, mobile, and pain-free. Osteopathy is a technique that treats the body as a whole instead of just treating the pain points. This helps in developing a healthier body, even for seniors.  

Ten benefits that seniors can get from Osteopathy: 

There are several age-related issues that seniors face, but Osteopathy can provide effective treatment and long-term relief from most physical issues. 

Osteopathy increases mobility

One of the most common problems seniors complain about is their decreased physical mobility. It makes them dependent on others as they cannot do their daily routine household chores like cooking, cleaning, going for walks, etc. Not being able to go out often also limits their social life. But with Osteopathy, seniors can enjoy a healthy body that is fit enough to move around freely. This treatment takes the entire body into account and provides holistic care allowing seniors to be more mobile and independent.  

Less reliance on medication or surgery

Osteopathy is a non-invasive style where balanced amounts of pressures and massages are used to heal the body. This makes it perfect for seniors as it can solve a lot of age-related physical issues without surgery or heavy medication. An ageing body takes much longer to recover from surgeries; this is why Osteopathy is a perfect alternative for seniors.  

Treating headaches and migraines 

Seniors often experience headaches and migraines that could result from another medical condition or a side effect of prescription drugs. With Osteopathy, headaches and migraines can be eliminated from their lives to a large extent. Osteopathy treats the underlying conditions that result in headaches, giving faster, longer, and more effective pain relief. This therapy treats discomfort causing muscle spasms and tension and also encourages drainage of bodily fluids for healing.  

Controlling arthritis 

Arthritis is one of the most common ailments seniors complain about. Several types of arthritis can happen by various underlying causes like injury, disease, or just regular wear and tear. While it is not possible to completely cure arthritis, Osteopathy can help in relieving pain through massage, stretching, and physical therapy.  

Managing osteoporosis

With age, the degeneration of bones makes them more prone to fractures. Osteopathy can manage osteoporosis-related issues clearly and can effectively provide rehabilitation of bones. Weight-bearing exercises can help patients suffering from osteoporosis to a large extent.  

Encourages better blood circulation

With age, the blood circulation decreases due to several reasons like a decrease in capillary walls, reduced flexibility of the aorta, etc. This makes the heart work extra hard to increase blood circulation, making it vulnerable to heart-related issues. Low blood circulation can also cause muscle pain and numbness, stiffness, and cramps in the legs. Osteopathy is a proven way of treating blood circulation through different techniques like massages and pressure. 

Increases rehabilitation process

Seniors are prone to injuries and require corrective surgeries to deal with them. Osteopathy can be instrumental in increasing the healing process with calculated body movements that build strength and mobility. With Osteopathy, seniors can recover from injuries and surgeries a lot faster.  

Other pains and aches

Body pains are common in seniors that can occur in any part of the body, including neck, back, pelvic area, shoulder, leg, or foot. But with massages and movement-related exercises, Osteopathy can treat the underlying pain.  

Improves mental health

Living with many ailments and reduced mobility can be frustrating for seniors. Osteopathy, which improves overall body health, can help them live a better life and provide better mental health. It also reduces the quality of life, further fuelling angst and pangs of depression.  

Develops a healthy routine

Osteopathy is a combination of designated treatments by an osteopath and a regular exercise regimen. It prescribes a healthy lifestyle and encourages everyday routines that help develop a more active lifestyle and a positive outlook. 

There are several benefits of Osteopathy that seniors can utilize to create a healthy life even in their later years. It is a wonderful alternative to traditional ways of treating common, age-related issues holistically, and your osteopath can bring enormous relief from pain, stiffness, and several other ailments.

Author Bio: Stephen Watts is a British-trained osteopath who has worked in top clinics in the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong. He has an M.Ost Osteopathy from the European School of Osteopathy (UK) achieving a First class award. Before becoming an Osteopath, he worked for 7 years as a sports and remedial massage therapist with an emphasis on myofascial release.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephenwattsosteopath/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stephen.osteo/ 

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