5 Tips To Give You Hassle-Free Quinceanera Dress Shopping

For every girl, her Quinceanera is the sign that she is entering womanhood and this most important of cultural milestone is always a celebration. Of course, for the young lady in question, the most important thing is her Quinceanera dress, which she will wear in front of her family and friends to celebrate her coming of age.

5 Tips To Give You Hassle-Free Quinceanera Dress Shopping
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Here are a few tips for sourcing the perfect Quinceanera dress.

1. Online Shop With Friends - If you invite your friends around for a soda, you can all huddle round your laptop and browse many dress designs and you will hear the opinions of your close friends, which guarantees the dress will be a hit! Once you have narrowed down your choice to one gown, a secure online payment sees the dress packaged and couriered to your front door. Rather than worry what your friends think, invite them to help you choose and you will be the belle of the ball.

2. Online Designer Dress Boutiques - There are a few online designer dress boutiques that sell Quinceanera dresses online and at very affordable prices if you know you can’t afford the dresses from traditional high street boutiques. Online boutiques often offer the same dress $300 cheaper, especially when they don’t have an expensive retail outlet to manage. Some would even offer free shipping. At the end of the day, it is the consumer who pays for these things. You could, for example, get a gown for less than half the price in a mall if you shop at the online designer dress boutique.

3. Get Some Google Inspiration - If you are short on ideas for the dress, Google Images is your best friend and in less than a second, you will have 200k+ images of Quinceanera dresses to browse. Save the images you like and when browsing the online boutique, keep your eye out for similar designs. Of course, you might have a very clear idea of how you want to look in this special night, in which case, you won’t be needing Google’s help.

4. Talk To A Dress Maker - Of course, why not have the dress specially made for you? There are many freelance dress makers and social media would help you to find one. You can have an informal Zoom call and send her a few images to help her get the picture. Regarding costs, you would have to negotiate her fee, which may or may not include the material; young aspiring dress designers are happy for the experience and would be very reasonable. This option is ideal if you have a way-out dress design in mind, which would be next to impossible to find in a store.

5. Involve Your Parents - Of course, your new dress will have a price tag and if you don’t want to dip into your college savings, a quiet word with mom should result in a solution. Your parents want the best for you and they wouldn’t want you to have to settle for second best on this milestone occasion. 

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We still have a way to go before the 2022 Quinceanera, so there’s no rush, and who knows, mom might still have her Quinceanera dress that fits you like a glove!

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