The Circular Economy Model by Minh Tien Group @ World Expo 2020 Dubai

Minh Tien Group, a member of Vietnam Coffee - Cocoa Association, has presented the Circular Economy Model at World Expo 2020, organised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. World Expos, a non-commercial exhibition series with over a century of history, is organized every five years. The Expos are dedicated to endorse national culture, encourage bi-partisanship, assert reputation, and world-changing innovations. 

Minh Tien Group Presented the Circular Economy Model @ World Expo 2020 Dubai

This year, the Expo will be organized in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. With the central theme "Connecting minds, Creating the future", the Expo opens opportunities for bipartisanship that would lead to a better future for world society.

The Expo will be divided into three main districts: Mobility - Sustainability - Opportunity. The Vietnam Pavilion is located in the Opportunity District with the theme: "Distilling the past, Shaping the future".

Minh Tien Group proudly presents the Circular Economy Model which revolves around the coffee tree including Green coffee bean; Coffilia; Ha Chuc Cascara Tea; Namigo bio-packaging, and Organic fertiliser. Essentially, the by-product of a production stage will become the input material for subsequent productions.

Minh Tien Group desires to promote the model, to realise the opportunity for entering the Arabian Gulf's market; most importantly, to present the world a different perspective of Viet Nam's modern and sustainable agriculture.

Madam Nguyen Thi Hong Minh, Chairwoman of Minh Tien Group, said: "Coming to the Expo this year, we aim to announce and assert our business principle in the implementation of the Circular Economy Model in our company's ecosystem, which has fully explored the "quintessential" value of our product life cycle and minimising our carbon footprint. To realise the vision of sustainable agriculture, Minh Tien Group is committed to being a successful contribution to the Vietnam Pavilion."

Minh Tien Group is a leading coffee corporation with over 20 years of history. Determination to appreciate the value of Vietnamese coffee beans, continuous investment in research and development, and requisition of expertise from different farmlands across the globe are principles that made the company a well-trusted coffee supplier to international partners.

With the vision "Shaping the green economy", Minh Tien Group continuously put efforts to innovate towards sustainable developments, and confidently affirm the stature of Vietnamese coffee on international markets. #MinhTienGroup

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