Too Hot to Handle: 8 Spicy Potato Chips at 7-Eleven Sure to Make You Sweat

Can you handle the heat? Those who “tahan pedas” will definitely enjoy the spicy potato chips range offered by 7-Eleven Malaysia, the largest stand-alone convenience store-chain nationwide.

Too Hot to Handle:  8 Spicy Potato Chips at 7-Eleven Sure to Make You Sweat

Let’s not get too ambitious. First, we’ll start-off with Level 1. If you enjoy a little spice, you will love the exclusive Wise Cottage Fries New York Spicy Burger. With a mild spicy taste, you get to enjoy the full flavour this classic smoky grilled snack has to offer. 

If Level 1 is a walk in the park for you, at level 2, we recommend the exclusive 7-Eleven Hot & Spicy Potato Chips! This limited-edition snack tastes slightly sweet and tangy with a spicy kick that does not overwhelm its other exquisite flavours. 

At Level 3, we have a tie between two close contestants – the 7-Eleven Corn Snack (Hot & Spicy) and the 7-Eleven Wasabi Potato Chips. Both must-try chips deliver a perfect amount of crunch and will definitely work up a sweat. You’re guaranteed to be addicted to this exclusive power pair!

Up for something even spicier? Drumroll, please! The exclusive Herr’s Reaper is a strong crowd-pleaser rated at Level 4. This bag of tear-jerking flavours is sure to keep your brave tastebuds entertained with each crunch.

As far as we know, not many can take on the next terrifying trio. We don’t think you’ll ever make it to this stage, but if you insist, go ahead and burn your tongue with the Corntoz Spicy Buldak, Lay’s Max Ghost Pepper, and Samyang Extreme Buldak Zzaldduk Snack. Rated at Level 5, this freshly-introduced trio is sure to make you chug a chilled cup of Slurpee before you finish any one bag of chips. Once you begin to cry, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

While you’re checking out the spicy snacks at 7-Eleven, make sure you also keep an eye out on the spicy Fresh Food range that includes the 7-Eleven Flamin Mac & Cheese, 7-Eleven Sushi Spicy Salmon Mentai Inari, and 7-Eleven Sushi Wasabi Abalone Inari. 

You can now grab these exclusive and new spicy delights at 7-Eleven stores in Peninsular Malaysia! Don’t wait, challenge a few friends to a fiery explosion with the 7-Eleven’s spicy offerings. 

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