Labuan Geopark: Tanjung Kubong Labuan Chimney Walking Trail Experience

Leave the road, take the trails. Here we go… Tanjung Kubong Labuan Chimney Walking Trail. One of the popular trails on the island that you must not miss when you are in Labuan. There are many interesting stops along this 3.8km trail including the sunrise view. Let’s find out! 

Labuan Geopark: Tanjung Kubong Labuan Chimney Walking Trail 

Labuan Chimney Walking Trail is doable even if you are not the type that always hiking. It’s just about 4km walk and you get to enjoy the fresh air, nature, listen to sound of nature, and as mentioned there are my interesting stops. 

There are many interesting stops along this 3.8km trail

Labuan Chimney Walking Trail 

Labuan Geopark: Tanjong Kubong Labuan Chimney Walking Trail 

✨ Tip of Tanjong Kubong an excellent spot to catch the sunrise

Tip of Tanjong Kubong

✨ Tanjong Kubong Tunnel also known as Lubang Gantang or Terowong Tanjong Kubong, this is a vertical coal mine shaft reaching depths of up to 40 meters below the ground’s surface. It functions as a gateway for a network of coal mining tunnels located underground.

✨ British graveyard 5 tombstones dating back to 1866 believed to commemorate workers from the Labuan Eastern Archipelago Company

✨ Coal formations & sea cave

Along Labuan Chimney Walking Trail, we discovered coal formation and sea cave. The earliest coal mining centre in Southeast Asia in 1847. There is a shaft and a tunnel as evidence of mining activities. 

Tanjung Kubong area consists of three sedimentary facies: pebbly sandstone facies, sandstone-mudstone facies, and mudstone facies of the Belait Formation estimated to be 15 million years old.

Some geomorphological features of the coastline can be observed here such as beautiful beaches, several sea caves, and rocky cliffs.

Gedung Ubat or Ammunition Store is located near the tip of Tanjung Kubong

✨ Gedung Ubat

Gedung Ubat or Ammunition Store is located near the tip of Tanjung Kubong. The name of the structure comes from the words ‘gedung’, which means warehouse in Malay, and ‘ubat bedil’, which in local parlance means ‘bullets’ or ‘gunpowder’. 

It is the storage area for artillery and explosives used by the Japanese army during World War II. The structure is cylindrical in shape with a height of 3.5 meters. It has a cone-shaped roof and a doorway overlooking the sea.

Labuan Chimney Walking Trail

Labuan Chimney Walking Trail 

Tanjong Kubong, Wilayah Persekutuan Labaun


Labuan Geopark: Batu Pasir Beliat @ Tanjung Kubong

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  1. Ingatkan boleh beli Ubat kat Gedung Ubat tu. Hehe....sis kalau ke sini memang sis tak pergi graveyard sebab seram jugak. Nak nak graveyard zaman lampau. Cantik la formasi batu tepi laut tu.

  2. bestnya...dah lama saya tak lakukan aktiviti walking trail ni. Tak tahu la bila dapat peluang join aktiviti macam ni lagi...

  3. Wahhh... bestnya pi Labuan sambil hiking! I miss hiking and travelling! Next year la plan pi labuan bawa family

  4. Belum pernah berkunjung ke taman atau tempak geopark. So tmpat ni dulu tmpat gali arang batu lah kan? Menarik la.

  5. bestnyaaaa.. tq kelly sharing this.. ni yg inraaa nak bercuti ke sini

  6. Bestnya Kelly! Tentunya pengalaman paling tak dilupakan dapat explore bumi Sabah. Suka aktiviti hiking tuuu... Jeles tau! Hehe

  7. i tak pernah lagi pergi sini. macam best je! haahaha nanti i pun memang plan nak ke sana so boleh lah try that place. tq tau share

  8. Cantik gambar Kelly. Tapi perjalanan ke sana mesti mencabar kan. Hehehe. Labuan banyak tempat menarik. Masuk bucket list. Hehe


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