Sleep Smart: A Guide on What Type of Mattress You Should Buy

Purchasing a new mattress can be very stressful, considering it is an investment in your household that can potentially influence your night and even daily life. There are a lot of mattresses. Narrowing down your options by their quality, comfort, and cost can be too draining as there are many options in stores and online. Considering as they range of quality and economical mattress for their customers.

Sleep Smart: A Guide on What Type of Mattress You Should Buy
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Most people often buy a new bed and consider the same mattress they purchased last time. Instead of closing down your options, why don’t you look more in-depth? Think about your choices and expand them. Nowadays, various types of mattresses are available at Instead of waking up with back and body pains, it might be time to change into something new.

Every person has their own needs and choices, which means there is a perfect mattress for everyone somewhere. Knowledge is vital when purchasing a new mattress as it is a long time investment that can affect you. This guide will explain the different types of beds and their benefits so that you can shop with ease.

Foam Mattresses

Looking for the best beds 2021 has to offer is genuinely not a piece of cake. Each sleeper has a specific mattress that they need since not all beds are comfortable for everyone. Knowing the best one that fits you is truly bliss as it will affect your sleep and life.

NASA invented the memory foam, which was popular in the early ’70s. Foam mattresses have different density foams to give a person the softness and support they deserve. Being the most well-known type of foam mattress, it also has other types of benefits.


● No springs, no noise

● More durable and can last longer than spring mattresses

● Absorbs motion for sleepers who have a hard time sleeping

● Much softer for those who sleep on their side and joint pains


● Can trap body heat

● It may not be suitable for other types of sleeper

● Much more expensive than spring mattresses

● Can cause “drowning” feeling

Spring Mattresses

The most popular type of mattress is the spring mattress. It consists of coils layered on sheets that could either contain foam, latex, or fibers. These kinds of spring mattresses require a different type of ring to achieve desired effects. Spring mattresses are most commonly found in households as this type of mattress goes back in time.


● It offers a lot of budget-friendly options

● Has a wide ray of varieties concerning firmness

● Offers back support with its solid structure


● As time goes by, springs could loosen up and be very noisy

● They can be damaged quickly

● It gives few pressure relief points on the body

Hybrid Mattresses

This type of mattress has both layers of the spring and foam mattress. They are great for people who prefer what the foam and spring mattress can offer. They are one of the new mattresses of today and are liked by many because of their features.


● Regulates humidity and coldness much preferred by the sleeper

● Springs are much quieter than spring mattresses

● Softer than springs and firmer than foam

● Best for couples who have different firm preferences


● It can be costly

● Firmness could eradicate the absorb motion that the foam mattress has

Memory Foam Mattresses

These types of mattresses are what foam-lovers prefer. Hospital beds inspired this type of foam. Memory foam acquires the most advanced capacity for absorption of pressure points and motion. This kind of mattress is best for those who have back and body pains. A lot of consumers have liked memory foam because of the comfort that they exert.


● The best option for people who have back and severe body pains

● Softer and gentler to support the body


● Traps body heat that can lead to discomfort

● More expensive than other foam mattresses

● Has little to no bounce effect

Waterbed Mattresses

Waterbeds became popular in the 1980s, but others don’t know that people have been using waterbeds since 3600 BCE. People used to fill mattresses with water as it gives comfort to them. However, waterbeds are less known nowadays than they were in the early ‘20s. Though, some still prefer this unique kind of mattress.


● Water can be very therapeutic and can either be cold or heated up

● They relieve pressure points on specific body parts


● Can leak if a hole is made

● It can potentially be heavy and weigh as much as 2,000 pounds

● It can be challenging to transport and requires a lot of work to set up.

When purchasing a new mattress, having the best knowledge is essential as it can affect your daily and nightly lifestyle. Considering both comfort and cost needs should always be present as this is an investment. Trying out a mattress is of great help before acquiring a long-term commitment. Never settle for one kind of mattress. Consider other options. Give your body the freedom it deserves, and it will reward you back significantly.

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