Top 4 Tips for Your First Christmas as a Couple

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, and it can feel especially magical if you have someone special to share it with. Spending your first Christmas together as a couple is an exciting prospect and you want to make sure it is an occasion to remember. From feasting with each other’s family to creating new traditions together, Christmas is a time to build precious memories that will last forever. Here are a few top tips to help make this Christmas the best one yet.

Top 4 Tips for Your First Christmas as a Couple
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Decide in Advance How You Will Divide Your Time

Meeting the parents is a daunting prospect, and if you’re doing it for the first-time during Christmas then you want everything to go smoothly. Speak to your partner in advance and decide how you will split your time so that you don’t have to stress out closer to the time. If you live close to each other’s families, you can spend Christmas Morning with one family then visit the other later in the afternoon. 

Couples that share a home may want to spend Christmas Eve and morning together then divide their time later on Christmas Day. People who live far away from their families will need to consider schedules and budgets. Some couples are happy to spend a Christmas with one family and then alternate to the other the year after. Whatever you decide, make sure you are being fair to each other and make plans that work for the both of you.

Embrace the Christmas Cheer

When it gets to December the holiday cheer is everywhere. In fact, some supermarkets begin playing Christmas songs as early as September. When December arrives, you are ready to get into the Christmas spirit with some matching couple hoodies even if you don't feel very festive in the early autumn months. 

Embrace the Christmas cheer by giving each other advent calendars, wearing christmas pajamas, watching Christmas films, and hanging up stockings. There are plenty of fun adult stocking fillers that will make your partner smile on Christmas morning. There are plenty of fun adult stocking fillers that will make your partner smile on Christmas morning.

Create New Traditions

Old family traditions are important to uphold. However, as a new couple it is equally important to create Christmas traditions of your own. A great way to create new traditions is to think about the Christmas rituals that made the festive period extra special for you both as kids, then incorporate them into your lives. New traditions could include doing something together that you have never done before as a couple, such as enjoying mulled wine at your local Christmas market or baking Christmas cookies together.

Shop For Gifts Together

Although not everyone likes to shop, shopping for Christmas gifts is a whole other ball game. If you find that usual gifts just won't cut it, an alternative could be to opt for a star-naming service, a thoughtful and unique choice for both of you. Yes, the streets are crowded during the Christmas period, and you may have to trawl through a lot of shops until you find the perfect gift. However, as a new couple it is a great idea to give presents to your loved ones that you have chosen together. This way, you can also help each other pick gifts for difficult family members.

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