Reasons Why You Should be Taking Vitamin Supplements Daily

Vitamins are an extremely important part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. They have tons of functions in our bodies, and they are preventing many diseases from happening. They help our immune system, promote healthy growth and development, and most importantly, they are crucial for the proper work of many systems in our body. 

Reasons Why You Should be Taking Vitamin Supplements Daily
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Sometimes, we don’t have a proper diet, and that can lead to different vitamin deficiencies. They are often underestimated, which only allows them to get more serious. But, by introducing supplements in our daily lives, we are preventing them from happening. Those supplements often come in the form of pills, which can be hard to swallow. That’s why there are other alternatives, such as the patch vitamins that you stick to your skin and you let them do their job. With your busy life, you can forget about taking pills every day, so the patch will provide enough vitamins for optimal body and mind function.

The importance of taking vitamin supplements

Most people who eat healthy every day do not normally need extra vitamins. But, in certain cases, you need that extra amount. For example, if you’re exercising, fighting a cold, having a fever… in the following, we’ll present to you the top reasons why you should take vitamin supplements daily.

Normal bodily function

Vitamins are important since they are nutrients that our body needs. The daily intake of them isn’t huge, but those small amounts can go a long way. In certain cases, your body will need them a lot more than usual, which is why consulting with a doctor is really important.

Preventing diseases 

Especially in the wintertime, we often refill our stash with enough vitamin C. It doesn't have to be a supplement, it can be taken in the form of lemonade or freshly squeezed orange juice. Either way, we can prevent and fight colds and other diseases with this. 

Take vitamin A for example. It prevents night blindness. The vitamins from the B group are the holy grail for our nerves and brain. Vitamin D prevents rickets and it helps us get strong bones and teeth… 

The result of taking too many vitamins

Not getting enough nutrients causes harm to our bodies, but so does overtaking them. It is really important to take vitamins with caution, as prescribed by a doctor. There might not be any serious complications, but some symptoms will present to you in no time. 

Some studies have shown that vitamin C can thin out the blood for a short period of time, and vitamin B can make your urine neon yellow. In the short term, this won’t cause any damage to the organs, but if it continues for a longer period of time, you’ll be at risk of developing some serious condition.

Vitamins and their importance in the body

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Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is important for the body in so many different aspects. From boosting the immune system to the production of collagen and quicker wound healing. Normally, 500-1000 grams of it are enough for the day, but keep in mind that the vitamin is found in citrus fruits and many vegetables, especially cabbage. For athletes and sportspeople, body-building supplements like those at eMule Anleitung are also important for improving performance. Try not to go above the dosage. If it happens, don’t worry, but stick to normal amounts in the future. Not having enough vitamin C leads to scurvy.

Vitamin D

It is a special vitamin produced by our bodies during the sunny seasons. The real problem occurs during the wintertime, or in cases where you’re not standing in the sun long enough. This is usually the period where we take some vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D makes our bones and teeth strong and prevents joint pain. If kids are not getting enough of it, they are at risk of developing rickets, and adults are at risk of developing brittle bones.

Vitamin A 

This is an important vitamin found in carrots. That is why we need to make our kids eat their vegetables! Vitamin A actually promotes eye health and acts as a nutrient and a building component in some important parts of it. Deficiency at first leads to many changes, including night blindness. If it’s prolonged, the blindness can become generalized, and the person risks losing their eyesight. Of course, that can be easily prevented by taking enough vitamin A, through food and supplements.

Vitamin B

There is a whole group of B vitamins, and one common thing about all of them is that they promote a healthy nervous system. The most important ones for this are B6 and B12. Some conditions can make the vitamin absorption worse, like Crohn’s, Celiacs...the amount of vitamin B intake can vary from our dietary preferences as well. Tingling, paleness, anemia, and depression can be signs of vitamin B12 deficiency.

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