Soapnut Republic Safe & Sustainable Cleaning Products

Hello weekend! It’s time for housekeeping again, well I usually do my major cleaning like laundry, washing the toilet, mop the whole house, wash the balcony, and more on weekends because weekdays I don’t have the luxury of time. You know doing laundry, scrubbing kitchen, and floor can be quite irritating to my sensitive skin. 

Soapnut Republic Safe & Sustainable Cleaning Products 

As you know most of the cleaning products are very harsh and cause my skin to dry, peel, or cracked. Until I was introduced to Soapnut Republic wide range natural household cleaning products that are safe for all type of skin and using sustainable ingredients. Their products are made of Soapnut Berries, plant-based minerals, and essential oils. Soapnut Republic products are formulated to achieve natural and effective cleaning with anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties.

Soapnut Republic was founded by New Zealander & Australian couple, Bobby Mitchell and Kim Gilliland. When they were expecting their first child, they were concerned about the environment in which their child was going to grow up in, including their home environment. As a child, Bobby accidentally drank bleech. Then, he set to work inventing a modern home cleaning range using 100% natural Sapindus Mukorossi (soapnut berry) extract blended with the finest selection of pure essential oils, and plant based mineral ingredients. 

Well, Soapnut Republic was brought into Malaysia by Joey Ong, she has been using Soapnut Republic products since 2016 in Hong Kong, and now Malaysia! It all started when her first daughter, Tessa has skin issues, eczema.  

I personally tried some of Soapnut Republic’s best-seller, they are amazing and really help to care for my skin, especially on hands. 

Soapnut Republic Foaming Hand Soap (Mint) & (Lavender), 500ml

Soapnut Republic Foaming Hand Soap (Mint), 500ml

Love this gentle foaming hand soap, its naturally antiseptic and antifungal, blended with mint essential oil to produce non-toxic, moisturizing, antibacterial foaming hand soap that is hypoallergenic and gentle on all skin types. 

Soapnut Republic Foaming Hand Soap (Lavender), 500ml 

This gentle Foaming hand soap contains lavender essential oils for a luxurious and calming hand washing experience. 

Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Spray, 500ml 

Soapnut Republic Multi Purpose Spray, 500ml 

My favourite Multi Purpose Spray is very handy, it cleans and deodorize any hard household surfaces, such as tables, kitchen top, my laptop, cabinets, bathrooms, living room decor, appliances, and walls. Parents will definitely love their safe formula to help in cleaning hard toys, or any surfaces within reach of babies and toddlers especially kids play mat and changing mat. Plus, it is safe for skin contact, it is also perfect for cleaning yoga mats and other fitness equipment.

Soapnut Republic Floor Cleaner, 1L 

Soapnut Republic Floor Cleaner, 1L 

This natural floor cleaner is infused with eucalyptus essential oil to eliminate dirt, grime and germs from our floor. I love the refreshing and uplifting scent of eucalyptus. Soapnut Republic products are non-toxic formulation, eco-friendly so its definitely safe for babies & kids running around at home and even your pets! Plus, it does not damage wax or other protective coatings, for all floor types. 

Soapnut Republic Laundry Liquid, 1L

Soapnut Republic Laundry Liquid, 1L

Soapnut Republic laundry liquid is perfect for sensitive skin and also safe for newborns and baby. It is very concentrated, antibacterial and natural fragrance from Lemongrass E.O. It does not have strong synthetic fume that will damage our lung in long term usage.  I just need a small cup of 50ml and its good for a load. It is tough on dirt and stains, naturally softens fabrics, and produces extremely effective cleaning results. I would also love to try out their laundry powder on my next purchase.

Soapnut Berry 

Soapnut Berry Extract are the main ingredient in all Soapnut Republic products. These are berries that grows on trees which in fact are the cousins of the Lychee fruit. When dried, their skin naturally produces soap (or saponin) when mixed with water. 

Do you know that, soapnut berries have been used traditionally in India as a shampoo, as it is gentle on the scalp and helps prevent dandruff. Soapnuts have also been used in Chinese medicine as a treatment for dry skin and eczema. This is the same ingredient used in Soapnut Republic so it’s very safe to use at home. 

I love their low suds, gentle formula, and cruelty free concept. They all smell so good and refreshing. All the cleaning ingredients are 100% biodegradable and will not pollute the environment. They also do not use palm oil as part of their ingredients, as we all know palm oil industry plays a large role in human induced climate change by deforestation.

Whether you have children or pets at home, get peace of mind that Soapnut Republic is gentle and safe for them. Safe for them to be washing their hands with, safe for them to be rolling around on the floor

If you are looking for cleaning products that are gentle on sensitive skin, using sustainable and all-natural ingredients, safe for children and pet, and at an affordable price then you should check out Soapnut Republic. I also get to know that they are launching 5 litres refillable pack soon in Malaysia. So do check it out if you are looking for a sustainable and natural home cleaning detergent.  

For more information about Soapnut Republic Cleaning Solutions that Are Safe and Sustainable, please visit Soapnut Republic Malaysia Website, Facebook, and Instagram

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