Why Do We Give Gifts on Birthdays?

The age-old tradition of giving gifts on birthdays has been around for many years, but when did it start and why? Where did the tradition come from?

Why Do We Give Gifts on Birthdays?
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The tradition of giving gifts on a birthday dates all the way back to ancient cultures such as the Greeks and Romans. Mainly because back in these days it was worthy of a celebration if you could simply make it to your first birthday due to the number of infant deaths that would happen.

However, birthday gift-giving wasn’t typically an annual thing, and most gifts were given at chosen milestones during someone’s life. These milestones to celebrate were often birth, coming of age (adulthood), and marriage.

Until the fifth century, birthdays weren’t typically celebrated annually until wealthy Persians were witnessed celebrating their birthdays with a large feast. Most gifts came in the form of something that could be feasted upon or would give supplies such as milk, like a cow or goat.

Those who are religious believe that gift-giving on birthdays came from the birth of Jesus where the three wise men came and gifted him with gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Another theory is that Europeans believed that hundreds of years ago gifts were given to ward off any harmful, evil spirits that were deemed to haunt the celebrant.

Whatever theory you believe in, it’s clear to say that this tradition has stuck with us throughout the ages and has become the norm for many cultures.

How can you make sure your gifts are top-notch?

Gifts have become more readily available to buy and give to your loved ones and friends for their birthdays. You can either give a physical gift or give the gift of an experience or activity.

When buying your gift, make sure it's something that they want and will use or enjoy. You could also try buying them something luxurious that they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves.

Chocolate gifts and hampers also go down well if you are unsure what your recipient already has, and you just want to get them something sweet and simple.

If the receiver is an adrenaline junkie, why not take them on an experience day or short holiday to take part in all the activities that get their heart racing?

If you don’t have much money to spend on a gift, you could always make one from scratch and from the heart to show that you truly care.

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