Buying Vegan Beauty Online Experience

What is your perception about Vegan Beauty? The consumer trend is moving towards vegan, natural, and sustainable products, so do the beauty industry. Personally, I prefer natural and vegan products be it for my daily necessities, skincare, or makeup. Today I would like to share about my Buying Vegan Beauty Online Experience.

Buying Vegan Beauty Online Experience

What is Vegan Beauty? Well, the word “Vegan,” “Vegan-Friendly,” and “100% Vegan” cosmetics are defined as beauty products that do not contain animal ingredients, animal by-products, or any other animal-derived ingredients, including beeswax, and honey.

The rise of Vegan Beauty is inevitable, recently I chanced upon an affordable yet long-lasting Vegan Lipstick on the Orkid Cosmetics Website. With impressive chic packaging, high quality, and safe beauty products without burning your pocket; Orkid Cosmetics is a Halal, Vegan, & Cruelty-Free cosmetics company born and bred in Malaysia.

Orkid Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick and Sanitizer Spray with Damask Rose Flower Water

I was attracted to Orkid Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick and Sanitizer Spray with Damask Rose Flower Water. I bought the Bundle Best Seller Collection consists of 4 Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick shades such as Dime, Blush, Vibes, and Slay.

Omg, these vegan lipsticks' creamy texture is so smooth, so pigmented, long-lasting, and moisturizing. That makes the application so easy, just one glide on the lips and it gives off a matte finish that covers the lips in a non-transferable intense color payoff.

Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick is made with high-quality Halal and vegan ingredients

The Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick is formulated with Vitamin E to moisturize the lips. The lipstick doesn't smudge, non-sticky, glides on smoothly, non-transferable, lasts for up to 4 hours without oily food intake, breathable, and lightweight on the lips, Halal so it's wudu' friendly, non-toxic, and safe for skin, and doesn't contain fragrances.

They are made with high-quality Halal and vegan ingredients imported from Japan & Europe, GMP, KKM & HALAL (JAKIM) Certified and most importantly, it is made with six-free formula meaning it contains NO: parabens, mineral oil, DBP (also known as phthalates), triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate or gluten.

Orkid Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick Color Swatch

Orkid Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick Color Swatch ~ Blush, Vibes, Dime, and Slay

BlushBlush is a Natural Pink hue perfect for any skin tone.

VibesVibes is a Milk Chocolate hue that is everyday nude or natural color. It is the perfect nude for tan and deep skin.

DimeDime is a Warm Pink or Terracota hue that is great everyday color. Not too dark or nude; it sits on the natural lip tone. Giving you the stunning "Your lips but better" look.

SlaySlay is Red with Blue Undertone hue, truly a statement piece. It's a classic red with blue undertone that makes your teeth appear whiter. Suitable on any skin tone.

Orkid Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick Review

Overall, all 4 colors suit different occasions and skin tones. I love the Blush coz it makes my complexion looks brighter and at the same time, it's subtle. Loving these Vegan Beauty Lipsticks because the colors are so pretty, pigmented, lightweight, long-lasting, and do not crack my lips.

Orkid Cosmetics Hand Sanitizer Spray with Damask Rose Flower Water, 95ml @ RM10

I like Orkid Cosmetics Hand Sanitizer Spray with Damask Rose Flower Water, 95ml is only at RM10. It is a plant-based sanitizer that effectively kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Hypoallergenic and dermatologist-tested made with a combination of naturally-derived glycerin and rose to help leave skin feeling soft and moisturized without a sticky residue.

Buying Vegan Beauty Online Experience ft Orkid Cosmetics

Orkid Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick is super affordable, it's only RM49 each. You can purchase individually or get their Bundle Best Seller Collection. Free shipping with orders above RM100 for West Malaysia and East Malaysia. We also offer Worldwide International Shipping via DHL express.

Purchase at or can WhatsApp order Orkid Cosmetics at +601111637200 


  1. As mentioned before, love Vibes and Dime. My sister love Blush. The brand is cute and am sure, light on the lips to when wear right

  2. wahhh new brand for my lip hehe. cantik2 lah warna lipstik ni. menarik betul

  3. wahhh, cantik la kaler Orkid Matte Suede Liquid Lipstick tu. berbaloi juga kalau beli bundlle best seller collection kan. Boleh dapat free shipping ^_^

  4. Jarang Sis guna lipmatte, sebab biasa bibir jadi kering.. nanti nak cuba jugalah sebab berkenan dengan warna dia tu..

  5. Cantik warna lipstik dia.. suka tengok.. kalau beli bundle lagi berbaloi kan

  6. In love with blush and dime color. Cantiknya! RM49 ok lah for best quality product.

  7. 1st time i dengar jenama ni tapi kan kaler lipstick dia semua lawa la

  8. I suka nama dia, unik dan sedap je. Sesuai la dengan koleksi warna yang vibrant.

  9. the colours so beautiful...first time jumpa vegan product..


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