Father’s Day Gifts Ideas

Some call him ‘Ayah’, some call ‘Dad’, ‘Papa’, ‘A Pa’, ‘Baba’, ‘Abi’…What do you call yours? When we were in school, if you recall, when your teacher asked to describe about your parents, I am sure many will hear your friends will describe their fathers as “my father is very fierce”, ‘my father works very hard, ’my father is my hero’, ‘my father drives me to school’. 

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Fathers in general are normally less friendly and less affectionate from mothers, hence at many occasions, we avoid talking to our fathers and normally the conversation is kept short. What happens when it comes to getting your father diamond rings for his Birthdays or Father’s Day? One problem many of us may go through – what to give him? He's got a pen for his last birthday and he got a tie and a shirt last year…shoes? What can you get him?

However, ironically, fathers will get that extra respect and we tend to listen to our dad more than our mom as he is seen as being the leader, the man in the house who calls the shots.

Many fathers do not exhibit his expression of love or his appreciation to their loved ones - as it is many men’s nature but they do expect the show of love, the attention, and the appreciation extended to them. Though you may hear - “I have got everything, no need to give me anything, just save your money”, mind you, you will make them very happy people to receive something from their children be it with or without any occasion.

Not that they are expecting fancy, expensive gifts from the family, but it’s always great for them to know that they are not missed out or neglected and that their very presence is significant and appreciated by the family. Most importantly, they are loved. For many fathers out there, providing the best for their family is key to their lives, hence, you see why our fathers work their hardest.

Let’s embrace the memories of us with our fathers and give them that attention and love while we still get the chance. Get to know about our fathers a bit more this year by exploring some gift ideas that may surprise you. 

Over the years, the men’s collections feature a wide variety of rings made of silver palladium, embellished buttons known as “butang Baju Melayu” with assortment of gemstones and diamonds, as well as stylish silver bangles and leather bracelets from its Stephen Webster line and the recently gaining traction amongst male customers is the variety of gold bars in multiple grammage.

Interestingly, almost 90% of its men’s rings offered by HABIB are made of silver palladium which are non-gold metal, thus making it suitable for Muslim men’s wear. For those who prefer platinum, HABIB also provides jewellery customization for its platinum rings collection. HABIB’s men’s rings collection comes in a variety of designs, from simple bands and solitaire studs to designs that are more contemporary encrusted with diamonds and gemstones.

Gemstones are becoming a popular demand for men’s rings collection, these rings are set mostly in silver palladium, studded with a variety of precious gemstones like emeralds, rubies and sapphires. There are also many other favorable gemstones in an array of colors including yellow, pink and blue topazes, citrines, black agate, aquamarine and many more in different shapes and colors. These gemstones also have different characteristics, meanings, and benefits. Like if you search on the internet, amazonite stone benefits you will be amazed by it, and it will surely help you decide that these gemstones are the perfect gift for your father.

Aside from rings, HABIB is also the go-to jeweller for its renowned “butang Baju Melayu” collections particularly designed to be worn with Malay male’s traditional outfit, each comes in a set of 6 pieces.  The buttons feature multiple designs, shapes, and colours, all set in silver palladium.

For a simple yet stylish look, the solitaire diamond or gemstones studs embedded on the buttons accentuate both the sparkle of the diamonds and the colours of the gemstones. For special occasions or a formal evening wear, a classy and elegant look for ‘Baju Melayu’ with a combination of diamonds and gemstones is a definite dazzle. 

However, for those fathers’ who are more into investment and not at all into fashion, gold bars will be the best bet for gift ideas.

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