Low Cost Ways to Mix Up Your Home Decor

Sometimes the need to redecorate just takes over and you find yourself browsing through interior design websites or checking Pinterest for inspiration. But all these ideas that build up also start mounting up in price and you quickly realize that a complete revamp is going to be way beyond your budget! Here are some tips on how to get a whole new home without breaking the bank.

Low Cost Ways to Mix Up Your Home Decor
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1. Purchase a few new wall décor items – you can purchase some beautiful prints and photos online but it’s even better is when you find something a little more alternative, such as the metal canvas prints they do at Hello Canvas. Or some decorative oars online which you can purchase at Uniquely Coastal. It is inexpensive and adds an element of sophistication as opposed to the more traditional photo in a frame. Another piece you can add as wall decor is a wall clock. You can choose from classy designs to modern ones. Visit the website for a variety perfect for every home decor theme.

2. Add some color to your walls – painting is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to completely transform a room. You can take it easy and create a feature wall or go all out and repaint the entire room with a brand-new color scheme.

3. Shop at flea markets – flea markets and antique stores are the perfect places to get a great deal on some really unique items that will seriously up your interior design game. Some pieces are ready to go whereas others might need a lick of paint or a new upholster to breathe a bit of life back into it.

4. Re-think and reorganize – there’s nothing cheaper than simply reorganizing what you already have. You can just move your furniture around and possibly swap furniture out from other rooms, and it is like you have a whole new home! This is also a great opportunity to clear out any bits and pieces you feel you have outgrown.

5. Add light and space with mirrors – mirrors are a perfect interior décor tool as they add light and create the illusion of a larger space. And they do not have to be expensive!

6. Recover and renew – instead of looking for new pieces of furniture or decor items, get thrifty and revive your existing pieces. Get new lampshades, replace light fixtures and get that old armchair reupholstered.

7. Make use of cushions and throws – a great alternative to buying a new couch is simply to replace all the throw pillows! You can transform your living room with a new set of cushions and faux fur throw, no one will even notice the old couch underneath.

8. Transform your windows – A high-impact but low-cost change would be to replace your curtains or blinds. It is a relatively easy task for those who are not very good at DIY so all you have to pay out for it is the cost of the new curtains – and nice-looking curtains can make the whole room look more elegant.

9. Use lighting wisely – lamps can be a great interior décor item as well as being functional because a few well-placed lamps can really bring a room together. Getting the right ambiance is half the battle in interior design, something that can easily be achieved with the right mood lighting.

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