Skinny Jeans: Best Jeans That Make Your Butt Look Bigger

Do you believe some jeans could enhance the shape of your butt and make them look bigger? Today, jeans have come a long way since they were introduced more than one hundred years ago.

Skinny Jeans: Best Jeans That Make Your Butt Look Bigger
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The modern-day jeans come with stunning cuts, impressive innovations in fabrics and designs, and magnificent optical illusions they offer. The jeans were originally sturdy pants with denim (cotton twill) or dungaree cloth invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. Those jeans were mainly for miners in San Francisco, California.

Nowadays, jeans (called trousers in the UK and pants in Australia) are mostly denim blended with elastics (spandex or Lycra), polyester, stretch fabric, cotton, and other fabrics. For women, stretch jeans are more popular.

These stretchy jeans offer the best tight-fit that enhance a woman’s body with a contour and curvy silhouette, especially the butt and the waist. However, choosing the right jeans to make your booty larger takes a little bit of your time, stretchy or not.

In this article, we will provide you some tips about the best jeans that make your butt look bigger. Keep on reading, ladies!

How to make your bum look bigger in skinny jeans

There are a lot of ways to make your butt look bigger in skinny jeans (sometimes called leggings). Here are some of them:

• Wear butt pads.

Yes! There are fake silicone buttocks available in the market! The butt pad is a special underwear with extra padding (built-in) to give you a bigger bum than usual. Since skinny jeans have thin fabric, wearing the butt pad underneath the pants will enhance the shape of your butt and also provides tummy control.

• Some shapewear do some magic.

Do you know that there are shapewear that can lift your butt without surgery? Yes, ladies! You can wear this type of shapewear under skinny jeans, especially when your bottoms sag. You will feel that your boot is growing and the shapewear will trim your waist while it makes your bottom bigger.

• Pick stretchable skinny jeans.

If you prefer skinny jeans that can fit your legs smoothly while making your butt look terrific and bigger, choose stretchable jeans. The stretchy property of skinny jeans can lift your butt beautifully without squeezing or constricting them.

• Do the proper exercise.

Doing the right exercise is the long-term solution in making your butt bigger whatever type of jeans you wear. Some of the best exercises to grow your butt include the Glute Bridge and its variations, donkey kickback to fire hydrant, kneeling squat, and other similar workouts.

If you have a little time, try doing these exercises: you can do walking around the house or use the stairs when you are in the office going from one department to another. Once you figure out that something good is happening on your butt as time goes by, the right skinny jeans will make your bottom look nicer.

• Wear the right underwear.

If you do not want pads to make your butt bigger, one of the best things to do is make the first layer between your bum and the skinny jeans look gorgeous! Choose underwear that will not ruin your sexy contour.

Do not wear oversized boxers or granny panties that can show wrinkled hem or panty lines. If you are slightly well-endowed down there and you want to make your butt look bigger under skinny jeans, one of the best underwear is thongs.

• Wear heels

More women in skinny jeans are often wearing heels. Wearing this kind of footwear together with skinny jeans make your butt appears bigger. When you are on heels, it provides an illusion of lengthened legs that make your butt looks higher than normal.

Consequently, wearing heels (high or average height) while on skinny jeans can shoves your chest forward and push the butt backward. The contour makes the illusion of bigger bottoms.

Tips for Buying Jeans That Make Your Butt Look Bigger

Do you want to know some of the best jeans that will make your booty seem bigger? Here are some of the timely tips of what jeans to buy to make your booty pop out nicely and look good:

• Choose a stretchy pair and high-rise.

That is right! Stretchy skinny jeans in high-rise or high-waist will make your butt appears larger. The stretchy fabric is form-fitting and may chisel your curvy body into a more adoring look.

• Look for the right pocket size and location.

The back pockets of skinny jeans play a crucial role in enhancing your booty. Pick the jeans that have smaller pockets placed on top of your butt. But make sure that the pockets can hold a small wallet or mobile phone.

Moreover, consider pockets that are tapered and with flaps. These pocket features will accentuate a larger volume on your booty.

• Faded jeans are enticing.

Dark jeans are not recommended for those who want to highlight a bigger butt. The faded or washed jeans enhance bigger buttocks.

• Skinny jeans make the difference.

Most baggy jeans will not tolerate the nice appearance of a bigger booty. So, it is better that you choose skinny jeans that hug the butt and make them larger at any angle.

• Consider the yoke.

Get a V-shaped or heart-shaped yoke to give you the illusion of a larger booty. The yoke in jeans is the horizontal seam running across the waistband and the pockets.

So, now you know that one of the best jeans that make your butt look bigger is skinny jeans with stretchy fabric. You may consider buying this kind of pants next time you shop.

Honestly, skinny jeans offer a lot of opportunities for women who want to look different, especially when they want a good-looking bum!

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