Which Massage to Choose? Thai, Hawaiian, Stone Therapy and Their Effects on Beauty and Health

During the pandemic, it's time to strengthen your immune system! And even better to take care of yourself comprehensively, so that your body and soul feel good! There is one remedy, which, as practice shows, is to everyone's liking - this massage. There are a lot of types in a good massage center, so let's understand each of them. 

Which Massage to Choose? Thai, Hawaiian, Stone Therapy  and Their Effects on Beauty and Health [image: pexels by anete lusina]

The main directions of massage now can be divided into European and Oriental, each of which has its own philosophy and specificity of performing techniques. Relaxing massage is very popular among men and women. 

1. The most popular is the general, or classic, type of massage. It covers the entire body, excluding the head. It is used to relieve pain and stress, as well as to increase tone. This type of massage has no contraindications. And its power and "depth" you can adjust yourself. 

2. More and more often we can hear about the benefits of stone therapy. Massage with hot stones removes cramps and reduces congestion. Heated stones of volcanic rocks, which contain a huge number of useful elements, most often placed along the spine. With their warmth, they increase the blood flow and have healing properties. 

3. Thai massage restores not only the physical but also the psychological state of a person. In it, the greatest attention is given to the feet and hips. In the process of gentle pressure on certain points, compression, and stretching, Thai massage is believed to balance the energy of the body and is miraculous. 

4. Anti-cellulite massage is most often recommended to correct the figure, improve skin elasticity and lose weight. It improves lymph circulation and promotes fat burning by eliminating it from tissues. The procedure is more painful, but the discomfort disappears after a few hours. This type of massage is performed during the course of 8-15 procedures. 

5. You have heard less about the Hawaiian massage technique "lomi lomi". In translation it means "loving hands", outwardly resembles a dance, and has an effect on the body and soul. By the way, there is an opinion that this massage is recommended to those who lack attention, love, and tactile sensations.  In the process, the master uses his palms, forearms, fingers, and elbows. 

6. The most ancient type of Chinese massage Gua Sha is becoming increasingly popular among clients of spas and beauty parlors. The name translates to "scrub the bad" ("gua" - scrub, "sha" - bad). To "scrub", a special plate (scrubber) is used, with the help of which certain areas including various points and reflexogenic zones of the body are treated. 

Reflexive irritation with the scrubber causes a powerful impulse, there is a restoration of microcirculation of the skin tissues and organs. The active blood supply of organs and tissues improves metabolic processes, occurs working through deep tissues, running the body's natural regenerative processes, occurs lymphatic drainage.

The skin has a large number of nerve fibers. Therefore, when acting on the active areas of the body, there is also a positive impact on the nerve endings. The vast majority of people, once they have tried the massage, cannot refuse it. In the course of the session, painful sensations disappear, regenerative processes are accelerated, the interaction of brain activity with the work of internal organs, the vascular and muscular systems is improved.

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