Long-Distance Relative? Spoil Your Nieces & Nephews with these Wonderful Ideas

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that family is incredibly important. But when you’re a relative living far away from the heart of your family, maintaining those relationships and feeling a part of things, can often feel like a struggle.

Long-Distance Relative? Spoil Your Nieces & Nephews with these Wonderful Ideas
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You can’t be there as often as you’d like to be, you can’t pick them up from school and they can’t visit your home on a whim, it’s not easy to be a long-distance relative, but there are ways you can maintain and nurture the relationships you have with your nieces and nephews, despite being miles away.

Let’s explore some wonderful ideas to spoil and engage with the most important people in your life.

Keep it simple with gifts

You don’t have to wait until Christmas, birthdays or any other kind of holiday to spoil the children in your life. Whether you’re proud of them for trying hard at school, their latest extracurricular achievement or you just want to spoil them because you love them – sending some meaningful gifts in the mail will always be well received and a wonderful surprise! Wondering what to send? Check out these toys for your niece from Wicked Uncle for some inspiration.

Video call!

Restrictions are easing, which means many of us are meeting with relatives in person and no longer relying on video calls and chats to make contact with those we love. However, as you’re a relative who isn’t nearby, you should continue to make regular video calls to keep yourself active in the lives of your nieces and nephews. Schedule a weekly call with them and have a catch up on everything that is happening in their lives, they may find having someone to talk to who is out of their immediate circle refreshing. Try a lunch chat, or sit somewhere interesting and give them a tour of what you can see around you.

Send them books

The gift of reading is a wonderful thing, so why not be the relative that keeps their bookshelf full and fresh? Whether they’re enjoying colourful popup books, an entire fantasy series or they have a specific genre they’re exploring, you could even send them interesting books about where you’re living if you’re a relative who is based overseas.

Invite them to visit

While not being able to have your nieces and nephews visit on a whim after school or come around for dinner on a weekend, that doesn’t mean you can’t plan a visit in advance and welcome them to your home. Speak with their parents about having the kids for the weekend – if they get a child-free weekend they might be more than happy to help you organise things! Plan some activities, meals, fun afternoons, and relaxing evenings. Ultimately, spending time with those we love the most is the best way to show how much we care.

Feeling inspired? Follow these straightforward tips to spoil your nieces and nephews, today.

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