4 Tips for Moving to Cyprus

In recent years, more and more people decide to emigrate to another European country, in search of a better tomorrow for themselves and their family members. Of course, immigration to the country of Cyprus is also high on this list. Of course, this is not surprising because we are talking about a country that can offer a better and better life than many other countries in the European Union.

4 Tips for Moving to Cyprus
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In particular, in terms of vocational rehabilitation, on the island of Aphrodite, individuals can secure a job, depending on their qualifications, in an excellent environment with very attractive salary packages and additional benefits such as social security, provident fund and insurance packages. But let's see in more detail four essential tips about your installation in the country of Cyprus and how this can be achieved in this island of numerous charms. 

Before departure

Ideally, before leaving for a permanent establishment in Cyprus, someone will have already found a job. Job applications can be submitted electronically, while interviews can now be conducted from the comfort of your own space. There is no need to incur one's expenses to go first, settle and look there (of course, it also depends on the type of work). The same, of course, applies to all European countries. So make sure you secure a new job in the country before you are taken to a permanent move to the government of Cyprus. 

Get to know the country's economy

The economy of Cyprus is based on the tertiary production sector, and the industries that are flourishing (mainly due to the Russian clientele) are the financial and legal services. Cyprus salaries depend primarily on the market in which you are. Civil servants (government) wages are generally good (despite the cuts they have suffered), while their quality of life simply does not compare to the private sector. 

Consult a legal advisor

As European citizens, they can work in Cyprus without going through any complicated process. However, they must take the following steps if their goal is to stay and work professionally in the Republic of Cyprus: 

Issuance of Registration Certificate to be submitted within four months from the date of arrival in the Republic of Cyprus, at the Department of Population and Immigration Record. When they get a job, they have to get a Social Security Number, a process that their employer will probably undertake. 

In such a case, you should consult a legal advisor, who will inform you of your full rights and provide you with a complete guide to all your legal settlement procedures in the country. Trusting the Oikonomakis Christos Global Law Firm, with offices in Cyprus and specialized lawyers in the field of immigration and settlement, you really do not need to worry about anything. 

It is, however, vital to mention that there are professional specialties whose license to practice is regulated by the respective legal framework and the competent bodies. Therefore, those who want to practice in Cyprus professions such as lawyer, doctor, accountant, scientist, engineer, tour guide, electrician, etc., must meet the qualifications and address the relevant body to follow the predefined procedure for obtaining a professional license. 

Get information about life in Cyprus

Life in Cyprus is special. It is safe, calm and usually sunny. In Limassol, the composition of the population makes immigrants not feel like strangers. The city is beautiful, and over time it becomes more beautiful. Also, Cyprus generally has delicious food, either talking about local cuisine or global (excellent Arabic, Asian and pub cuisine). The options are many; the quality is usually good. From prices, it depends on the place. In Cyprus, you will need a car. Life without a car is problematic (to say the least). A few MMMs are still in development which is doubtful when it will be completed.

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