Gifts for Teachers

We’re getting to the time of year when the kids delight in having six weeks to play in the sunshine. The teachers, at last, will be able to put their feet up too. For many teachers, it’ll have been the toughest school year they’ve faced, trying to help the children amid all the difficulties the pandemic has created. But they’re nearly through it and before they enjoy their well-deserved break, you might want to get them something special to show you appreciate all they’ve done for your child this year. Here are a few ideas... 

Gifts for Teachers
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Personalised Gift

Whether it’s a mug, a photo, or even a tie, it’ll say a lot to them that you’ve gone to the trouble of getting it personalised for them. It shows them that their hard work this year has not gone unnoticed, and it’s a wonderful way to say thank you that doesn’t have to break the bank. There are numerous websites that specialise in gifts like this. Make sure you get it organised at least a couple of weeks in advance because it can take a little while to ship these things out. 


A box of chocolates is simple but the thought behind it is still effective. Everyone loves a box of chocolates as a guilty pleasure and if you team this with a thank you card with a warm message, we can guarantee it’s enough to put a smile on any teacher's face. 

Teacher Ornament

You can have a bit of fun with this. Do they love their coffee? Perhaps they adore trips to the sea. Whatever their tastes you can marry this with the message ‘Best teacher ever’ or ‘Teachers can do anything’. You might choose a drinking vessel of some kind, or even a large shell for that sea-loving teacher of yours. It’s a gift that’s fun and which shows a level of thought that means you care.

Something for the classroom

This could be a cute coffee set, or maybe a funny toy that could become the class mascot. Try and find something that they can enjoy throughout the school year as a constant reminder of your child (whether that’s a good thing or not!). 

There’s no need to spend a fortune on a gift for your child’s teacher. Something personal will always mean a lot to them. It will help them to feel that all the hard work was worth it, and that they might just come back again next year!

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