How to Choose a Coworking Space That is Convenient to Work In?

Coworking is a common space for work shared by companies and individual entrepreneurs from different fields. It is a place that allows you to increase your efficiency and reduce various factors that may distract your attention. To this end, coworking spaces have appeared worldwide, where you can use a joint workspace with people in different industries and keep the advantages of colleagues without disadvantages. This practice is prevalent in Singapore, where a large number of tax benefits attract startup founders, and co working space singapore can be chosen for every taste. This is very useful for productivity and tells you what should be in such a space to choose a coworking place for you.


1. Round-the-clock access on any day of the week

Let's say your company works with customers in different time zones. Periodically, you have to sit up late, then start working early in the morning. Is there much benefit in such conditions from coworking, which works, say, from 9 am to 9 pm? That's right, about zero.

The schedule of the coworking should be convenient primarily for its residents and not for the owners. 

2. Convenient location

Coworking should save you time, not take it away. If you have found a great place to get to with three transfers, then go on foot and drive a little by minibus — it is not great. If you are lucky enough to find a coworking space in the center or close to home, check the transport accessibility. Ideally, if there is a parking lot nearby, and public transport stops — so you will not be late even in case of wild traffic jams. 

3. Equipped workplace

The meaning of coworking is to save residents from worries about providing their own comfort. Everything was thought up and done for you so that you could focus on your work. 

The main thing here is convenience and functionality: well-thought-out layout and design of the room, good lighting, tables with built-in connectors for charging so that you do not have to look for a free outlet. Ideally, this is a space where nothing distracts from work tasks, and there are separate recreation areas to relieve the brain and distract yourself. 

4. Fast Internet connection

Without it, you can forget about normal work. When you create a meeting minutes template and the connection is constantly interrupted, it is distracting and simply infuriating. It is impossible to concentrate, and such a trivial task as meeting minute template words takes a lot of time. 

When choosing a coworking space, check how things are with the Internet there. Better yet, check it out for yourself. It is optimal if seamless Wi-Fi works so that you can freely move around the workspace and not wait for the laptop to connect to the Network. 

5. Kitchen and many cafes around

To have a snack without being distracted from work for a long time, you do not need so much: a separate room and a minimum set of household appliances. It is good when tea, coffee, and cookies appear in the kitchen by themselves, and food can be carried from home and heated in the microwave. 

With all its advantages, you can not schedule a meeting with a client or an interview in the shared kitchen. Therefore, there should be decent coffee shops near the coworking, where you can talk about business or have lunch when you are not in the mood to eat from the container. And it is better when there are several such establishments: monotonous business lunches evoke boredom and thoughts about changing jobs.

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