Don't Throw Away Your Old Clothes Just Yet: Re-Purpose Them Instead

Sometimes it’s Spring Cleaning finds or just the change of seasons in a child’s drawer. It could be that you’re moving or just looking to make more room in your closet. However you come across old or used clothing, don’t just throw them out. There are lots of options for your gently worn or your most loved and respected clothes. Long gone are the days where Goodwill is your only option for repurposing your threads. Check out these cool ways to offload your old clothes.

Don't Throw Away Your Old Clothes Just Yet: Re-Purpose Them Instead
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Sell Them

There is a big market for the resale of designer clothing, so if you’ve got some high end name brand outfits, mywealthandinvestment recommends that you try to make some cash by selling it on an app like Poshmark to simplify the process. If you’ve got some threads that can be considered vintage, sites like Etsy are a great platform to sell them on. People love a good deal on something that’s typically high priced or something that really speaks to their personality and aesthetic.

Create Art

If you’re artsy or crafty, you may want to try your hand at creating something totally new from your old rags. You can turn them into a quilt, a cool tapestry, a unique accessory, jewelry and so much more. Fill an old pair of boots with dirt and plant some flowers in them. Turn a pair of jeans into a wreath for your front door. The sky’s the limit, but if you’re looking for some creative inspiration, Pinterest has tons of ideas.

Make New Clothes

Got a sewing machine or some scissors? Then you can turn an old pair of shorts into a cute crop top. You can transform a maxi dress into a new jumpsuit. Headbands, belts, skirts, whatever you can think of, you can turn your old clothes into new ones with a few snips or an extra seam or two. Other fun projects include dip-dyeing, bleach pen drawing and Sharpie art. Take an old anything and make it pop with your own imagination. You just might be surprised at how many people ask you, “Where’d you get that from?”


Donating your gently used clothing is always a beautiful option. There are plenty of great charities that take in used clothing. One of the best things about many of these organizations is that they will come to you. For a deeper impact, try gifting to an organization that doesn’t resell, like a crisis center or a shelter in your area. Remember, if you choose to donate your old stuff, that it is courteous to wash your donations first. 

There are plenty of ways to repurpose the things you and your family used to wear. You can get creative or go a more traditional route. It’s totally up to you. Just know that you don’t have to throw away old clothes, unless they really are obliterated and beyond repurposing. A quick internet search will give you tons of ideas you’re sure to love.

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