Travel: What Cities Should You Visit in Greece?

Are you planning on visiting Greece for your next vacation and want to know what you should do while you’re there? Do you want to plan your entire trip before you get there and want to know which are the must-see places?

Travel: What Cities Should You Visit in Greece?
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Greece is an ancient country rich in culture. The Greeks are very friendly and hospitable people, who love to share their knowledge of the land with visitors. Greece has an abundance of tourist attractions including beaches, mountains, forests, historical sites, and more.

Here you will also find a multitude of festivals held throughout the year such as the Athens festival which attracts over a million visitors every summer. You can enjoy Greek cuisine at local restaurants or from street vendors while visiting Greece’s famous markets for souvenirs like leather goods, jewellery, and pottery. Why not plan your next vacation to Greece?


This island is located just off of the north western coast of Greece and is said to have some of the most magnificent mountain ranges and the best, beautiful long stretches of beach. There are also several ferries you can take from Corfu, to either Bari or Venice. If you are looking for a place to visit in Greece, Corfu should at least be in your top ten places to see.

If busy beaches filled to the brim with tourists aren't something that you would enjoy so much, you can also find some isolated places where you will be able to lay out and enjoy the ocean in peace. Here you can also find a rich history and endless things to do on your stay in Corfu.  


If you happen to find yourself in Crete, one place you should definitely visit is Rethymno. This town is filled with student life and has some of the best restaurants around. It is surprisingly lively for a small town and there is no shortage of things to do while you’re there.

This town is right by the ocean and is said to look like a combination of Venetian, Roman, and Ottoman. This can be seen throughout its stunning architecture and beautiful town.


Next up we have Patras. This is a town that houses one of the largest and busiest ports in Greece. Many think that at first glance, Patras is dirty and gross, but as you make your way deeper into the town, you will find out just how magical this place is.

This town is home to some of the most beautiful architecture from churches to cathedrals, to even an impressive looking castle. One of the best parts about being here is that you can also take a ferry to any of the Greek islands, making day time activities that much more fun.


This chaotic and busy city is the capital city of Crete and is a place that is incredibly lively and fun. This city has a great harbour that goes out into the waterfront and is a great place if you are looking for a bit of adventure.

Here in Heraklion, you can stop by the Palace of Knossos for a bit of history and culture, as well as have a look at a multitude of museums. It is said that the modern part of town is filled to the brim with people and excitement and you can eat at some of the best restaurants and shop at some beautiful shops while there.


Last but not least, we have Chania. Yet another beautiful town located in Crete, Chania can be found along the coastline. Chania is a quaint and charming little place that is dripping with the most incredible architecture with roots of Venetian and Turkish history.

Travelling the narrow streets, you can find some of the most amazing little cafes and restaurants with the most amazing food. Walking around the town, you will come across the Lighthouse which is one of the standout features of the town.

If you find yourself in Greece, there are no shortage of places for you to visit, see, and explore. Greece is filled to the brim with activity and life and by visiting some of these amazing cities, you are sure to leave the country with some amazing memories.

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