4 Things to Include in a Wine Gift Basket

There are few things more enjoyable than receiving a custom gift basket. However, putting one together may just qualify! Make sure that your recipient can easily get into one of those bottles, and be sure you include a snack to start.

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4 Things to Include in a Wine Gift Basket
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A quality corkscrew is a terrific addition to a housewarming basket. In addition, consider adding a couple of durable wine glasses, up to and including plastic or silicone glasses for easy transport. 

Finally, consider including a cheese board and knife for a lovely presentation. If you are amending a basket you already bought, tuck a small trash bag along the side so that your recipient can quickly clean up after the party. 


Crackers, smoked meats, and smoked cheeses are a lovely addition to a wine basket. Chocolate, nuts, and trail mix or granola can also be a nice treat. 

If your recipient cannot tolerate dairy or does not eat meat, add hummus and a veggie tray as well as a cold pack to keep everything temperate and fresh. 

If you plan to give chocolate, carefully monitor the robustness of your wine. Milk chocolate can be lovely with a Riesling or Pinot Noir, while a cabernet will pair better with a bar of dark chocolate. 


Create a special event in a wine gift basket! Add chocolate, crackers, cheese, and a quality picnic blanket to the basket. With the right folding pattern, you can turn your picnic blanket into a fan that will serve as a lovely background for your bottles of wine. 

If your recipient has a family, consider also adding small bottles of sparkling juice to treat their children as well. A pretty set of cloth napkins and rings will also be a thoughtful touch they will treasure. 

Alternative Basket

If you know a terrific cook that you want to treat, send them a custom selection of wines in a specialty baking dish instead of a basket. If you want to get them an enamel dutch oven or casserole dish, load it with a selection of shorter bottles and wrap the bottles in a set of lovely cloth napkins. Remember that this container will be quite heavy. 

For someone interested in developing their gardening or grilling skills, consider using a heavy-duty steel colander as a basket. Center the wine in the middle of the colander and surround it with heavy-duty grilling gloves or garden tools that can be tucked in with canvas gloves and seed packets. 

Luckily, wine goes with everything, and if you construct a custom basket out of a bowl or colander, the thoughtfulness that went into your gift will be appreciated for years to come. 

Whenever you build a wine basket, be ready to use some heavy-duty glue dots or rubber cement blobs to hold things in place. Consider cushioning all glass with lots of crinkle or tissue paper unless you go ahead and use linens to protect these fragile pieces as you build your basket.

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