5 Simple Health Swaps to Make

You probably can’t wait to savor the warm outdoors again after enduring the cold winter months. Between sunbathing on the beach, travel, and outdoor barbecues, the temptation to eat unhealthy food is compelling. 

Aware of this, many people are trying to adopt healthier eating habits in time for summer. There are simple swaps you can make in your daily routine to accomplish this. 

1. Soda 

While many can’t resist this beverage on a hot summer day, excessively drinking sugary beverages may cause significant issues. Sugar is one of the most problematic soda ingredients and can cause a host of health issues like weight gain. Sugar-sweetened drinks usually contain fructose, and excessive consumption may lead to unhealthy body fat levels and liver problems. 

As you need to stay hydrated throughout the day, consider quenching your thirst with healthier alternatives like sparkling flavored water. Just ensure the flavoring is natural and won’t add to your daily calorie intake. To introduce an organic savor to your water, consider adding lemons, watermelons, limes, or your favorite fruit slices. 

You also can’t go wrong with fresh fruit juices, and if you can make some at home, the better. These are great nutrients/mineral sources, including immunity-boosting vitamins. You can take one on the go to supplement your meals. 

2. Hidden Sugars in Your Breakfast 

Not all sugar-laden foods have massive labels proclaiming sugar content, and that goes for standard breakfast options as well. While you may snack on granola for the healthy nuts and oats, watch out for less apparent sweeteners added to food advertised as healthy. Cereal, yogurt, and many other breakfast staples may provide essential nutrients while also harming your health with excess sugar. 

Fortunately, there are alternatives. Readily available, healthier replacements include protein-rich parfait with blueberries, walnuts, and vanilla. Overnight oats (soaked in milk the night before) or plain yogurt with your preferred fruit are better for your health too. 

Besides switching to glucose-free homemade breakfast, look into gummy vitamins for adults that do not have hidden sugars. The chewable nutritional supplements usually taste desirable and require no preparation to consume. 

3. Chips 

Potato chips have a pleasant taste, but they aren’t the only snacks that can satisfy your crunchy craving. Considering chips contain potential health hazards like fat and salt, you’re better off ditching them for wholesome alternatives like veggies dipped in hummus, one of the most nutritious condiments. For a crunchy texture, cut your favorite vegetables, such as carrots or cucumbers, and put the fresh slices into your hummus dip. The snack’s nutritional value is lightyears beyond that of chips, plus this healthy snack is a great way to fill up without overeating. 

Alternatively, make veggie chips with kale and add natural flavors. Also, consider roasting homemade potato chips without adding excessive salt. You can make a snack mix consisting of coconut and seeds like almond, sunflower, and pumpkin. Incorporate coconut milk and enhance the flavor with vanilla.  

4. Dessert 

Ice cream and cookie cravings are beatable when you have equally satisfying but healthier options on hand. Instead of reaching for your unhealthy sweet tooth every night, explore alternatives like fruit or oatmeal cookies. When it comes to making desserts, fruits are probably the most versatile, healthy ingredients. Some options include berries with dark chocolate, baked apples with coconut oil and natural spices, and warm peaches with some organic coconut butter. 

You could also bake some oatmeal cookies with nutrition-dense nuts like almonds or walnuts. For a treat with some anti-microbial properties, try making butter bark and include coconut and almond for a crunchy texture. There are healthier homemade dessert options you can use to fight off any unhealthy sweet tooth cravings.  

5. Fried Foods 

From potato fries to meat—fried food is generally fat-laden and bad for your health. You can ditch such meals for grilled alternatives when you eat out. Benefits of grilling versus frying include: 

● Less fat– Grilling allows excess fat to drip off, while fried foods like meat absorb all the fat.

●More meat nutrition– When you grill your meat, it keeps most of its riboflavin and thiamine.

● Healthier veggies– Vegetables are generally healthy foods, but grilling your cabbage or carrots preserves more of its nutrients, including vitamins.  

For many families and friends, backyard barbecues are an indispensable summertime highlight. Summer is a great time to try a new grilling recipe, like veggies with tomato sauce or other healthier seasonings. You can even make fruit kabobs to add another healthy item.  

Healthy Summer Routines 

Summer days make for great memories. To many people, embracing wellness entails getting used to some healthier habits. You can savor the bright, warm outdoors while also preserving your physical and mental wellbeing. Carefully selecting what to eat or snack on this season will get you closer to your wellness goals.

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