7 Tips for Proper Pool Maintenance This Summer

Homeowners enjoy their swimming pools each summer as the temperatures soar. With a swimming pool, they get a great place to unwind and relax, and the homeowners have a fun space to entertain guests. You can design your own pool according to your specifications. There are so many factors to consider during the design process you should consult with professionals of swimming pool contractor in orange county. Below are some necessary steps for pool maintenance. 

7 Tips for Proper Pool Maintenance This Summer
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1. Have It Cleaned and Professionally Opened for the Summer

When opening the pool for the summer, homeowners can start by hiring a professional. The pool service provider will clean the pool and its components. They will inspect the pool liner, filter, and drains. If you want to reconstruct a swimming pool in the future, they will help you to redesign your home pool. Also, you can install a pool cover or have a pool enclosure as it reduces cleaning time by keeping dirt and other debris out of the pool. It also decreases pool water evaporation and helps the pool water retain heat, which together contributes to water, energy, and cost savings for pool owners.

If the pool is damaged, the service provider offers a complete estimate for all swimming pool repairs. The maintenance service and repairs are available through the homeowner's home warranty company. Homeowners can set up the services through the warranty company and get discounts on these vital services.

2. Clean The Filter Regularly

Homeowners clean out their filter to prevent debris from accumulating it and stopping up the pool. If the pool is not filtered properly, debris and bacteria will build up in the pool and make it unusable. If the homeowner notices any issues with their pool filter, they can hire a professional to inspect and repair it.

3. Clean Out All Collection Pits

Collection pits become clogged when leaves begin to fall, and the property owner will need to remove all debris from the pits. Small twigs can become trapped in the collection pits, too. By cleaning them at least once a week, the homeowner avoids complications.

4. Use a Skimmer to Remove Debris

A skimmer is a great tool for all homeowners with swimming pools. The skimmer will remove large debris and keep it out of the filter and collection pits. The homeowner can use the skimmer easily without facing any hazards. It is a great way to remove any debris that falls into the pool including twigs, leaves, and other large debris the homeowner doesn't want to touch.

5. Evaluate the Water Level

Next, homeowners must evaluate water levels. If the water levels aren't adequate, they will need to refill their pool to ensure that each end is the correct depth. If it rains often, they will need to drain some of the water out of their pools as it will cause the pool to flood areas near it.

6. Test the Water Quality

It is best to hire a professional to test the pH balance of the pool water and review the chemical content. The property owner shouldn't try to add chemicals to their pool on their own. The wrong balance could lead to burns and skin irritation.

A pool professional has the correct equipment to test the water and make sure it is safe for swimmers. The experts also have access to the correct chemicals for the pool. Homeowners with a home warranty can get discounts on these services.

7. Set Up Regular Servicing

Regular servicing is a must for pool owners, too, and a local professional can complete standard maintenance as needed. Service providers understand the full requirements for maintaining a swimming pool. They won't make mistakes that prove costly for homeowners.

Homeowners must follow the necessary steps to maintain their swimming pools. All pools require regular maintenance and servicing to keep them cleaner and fresher. Homeowners with a home warranty could get incredible discounts on these services and repairs.

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