How to Dress Like an Influencer

Social media influencers rose to popularity in recent years over many different platforms. Because of this rise in status, social media influencers seem to set many of the current trends seen today, whether in fashion, technology, or content creation. The best part about social media is there's so much inspiration to take from each platform. 

In terms of fashion, it's fun to incorporate different influencer styles, especially while it's trending. Sometimes it's difficult to dress like an influencer because style is an entirely personal choice, and not everyone likes the same things. However, there are a few staple pieces that most people find comfort in and are an easy way to start dressing like an influencer. 

Sweatsuit Sets 

Sweatsuit sets are one of the most popular outfit trends today, especially because you can wear them in cool and warm weather as they also come in shorts. There are many styles of sweatsuit sets, from tie-dye to camo, with most made from soft cotton. They give off the influencer look and are great for social media photos. 

The best part about sweatsuit sets—apart from the fact that they're extra cozy—is they present a coordinated look that takes zero effort to put together. There are many ways to style sweatsuit sets, as you can dress them up with accessories like heels, sandals, caps, statement earrings, and long leather jackets if it's extra cold outside. 

Statement Glasses 

When dressing like a social media influencer, it's important to own a statement piece. In this case, statement glasses are a good starting point, as they're more affordable and look stylish while protecting your eyes. Glasses have been trendy among influencers for a long time now, and high-end brands like Versace make a statement. 

Not only are Versace glasses stylish and trendy, but they are durable and timeless. Versace makes their glasses from high-grade metal with chunky wire-core arms, bold brand detailing, and adjustable silicone nose pads. Among Versace's prescription glasses, you can also try out their sunglasses, which are perfect for those sunny days outdoors. 

Bike Shorts 

Bike shorts are a blessing in disguise, as you can style them in both casual and formal outfits. Not only are they great to wear under skirts for comfort, but you can wear them as you would with a regular denim piece. There are endless fashion choices with bike shorts, but many people pair them with oversized t-shirts for two-in-one comfort. 

Others will dress them up and pair them with a cute heel or boot. You can also wear bike shorts with tube tops, singlets, or bralettes while pairing them with a simple sandal or a canvas shoe. They can take you from a day to night look easily. 

Unique Accessories 

The best way to dress up any outfit and accurately portray an influencer's style is to add a pop of color or pattern with different shoes or bags. Not only are trendy pieces easier to incorporate as an accessory, but they can often be more affordable than a full-blown outfit. Fashion brands will never run out of ideas for shoes and bags, as they're some of the most timeless accessories to date. 

Social media influencers reinvented some of the most popular styles of shoes and bags by taking to their social platforms and showcasing their looks. If you want to try out some unique handbag accessories, popular styles include chunky chains, slouchy carryalls, and leather totes. For shoes, some popular styles include pastel sandals, sporty sandals, and cushioned slides. 

Oversized Clothing 

Oversized clothing is probably one of the most popular trends on social media today. From t-shirts to jeans and everything in between, influencers love a good oversized moment. Although not for everyone, the oversized trend provides comfort and a unique 90s style. 

If you aren't confident enough to go out in oversized clothing just yet, this style is perfect for a work-from-home outfit, as it provides comfort and ease. Some oversized clothing trends include small 2000s tops, loose trousers, pattern clashing, chunky shoes, and oversized sweaters. Wearing oversized clothing is the perfect way to showcase a unique fashion style, all while feeling comfy. 

Influencer Outfits are Endless 

Social media influencers will always be around to showcase new clothes and start new trends. There are an endless amount of options to choose from when it comes to dressing like an influencer. You don't have to break the bank either, as you can take bits and pieces of styles you like and mix and match to fit your style.

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