How Long Can You Keep Your Loved One’s Cremains in an Urn?

When someone close to you passes away, the grief and sense of loss may take a long time to heal. Probably, that's why a lot of people now choose cremation as it allows you to keep the ashes of your loved ones in an urnHaving their ashes nearby helps feel attached to the person for a little longer and makes grieving a little easier.

How Long Can You Keep Your Loved One’s Cremains in an Urn?
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The cremains, left after the cremation process, are stored in a cremation urn, which can lay by your side. The cremation process lasts about two hours, and by the end, you are left with the ashes that have been pulverized to fine dust. You can deposit these ashes in a vessel or urn.

The process instigates a deep sentimental value as you will always feel them closer. However, if you wonder how long you can keep the cremains, here are the estimated times for various storage options.

When Placed in an Urn

When the ashes are in an urn, the duration for which it might last depends on various environmental factors. They usually last a long time if the urn has been sealed properly. There are reports of cremated remains found by archaeologists that were thousands of years old.

While the cremation practices have become widely modernized now, the cremains should last in an urn indefinitely. However, how well the urn has been sealed also counts for the proper preservation of cremains. Therefore, choose a good quality ceramic urns for ashes and follow the right procedure to seal it tight. 

When Buried in the Soil

Some people prefer burying the ashes in the soil. However, you must keep in mind that dumping the ashes directly into the soil can cause damage to the ground and render the soil infertile. On the other hand, when appropriately placed, the ashes can get assimilated with the soil's organic material, making it more fertile.

As several things have to be considered when burying ashes into the soil, consult an expert beforehand. When the ashes are packed in the urn and buried in the ground, they can be potentially preserved for a longer time. For this purpose, you may use biodegradable urns to degrade the ashes in time properly.

When Scattered in a Water Body

Some people may want to scatter the ashes after the cremation into an ocean or any other water body. When doing so, you must first decide whether you wish to place the ashes in a cremation urn or directly scatter them on the water.

Directly scattering ashes into the water is a great way to give back to nature. However, if you want to place the ashes in an urn before scattering it, make sure it is biodegradable. A non-biodegradable urn undoubtedly adds to water pollution.

If you want to store the ashes of your loved ones for a long duration, it is essential to consider a good storage option. On the other hand, modern techniques will help you preserve the ashes using newer and more sustainable forms. So consider your options before choosing one!

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