Why You May want to Keep Long Hair

Your hair is a very important part of your facial feature. It is visible and so its state can be noticed easily. As a result, keeping it in the right shape is of importance. To do this, there are several hygienic routines you need to take and decisions to make.

Speaking of taking proper care of this part of your body, you need to be certain that whatever you do does not adversely affect your hair. We advise that you research the impact of your habits so that you are certain it is appropriate.

For instance, habits like excessive and frequent heat styling, brushing of the hair when it is wet, using certain kinds of conditioners and shampoos, frequent hair wash, and using the wrong pillowcase have adverse effects on your locks. So, you need to be sure that everything you do is good for you.

If you are interested in knowing some of the other things you should avoid or not do often, you can visit this site.

Other than making sure your locks are well taken care of, you also need to make decisions regarding this body feature. For instance, you need to decide if long or short hair is what you want. This is particularly important for ladies. The reason is that having short hair is anti-feminine in some places and to some people.

By and large, you should understand that there are advantages and disadvantages with whichever decision you make. Well, we will discuss reasons why having long hair is the right decision here. So, we advise anyone who is not certain about going for long or short locks to keep reading.

Why Having Long Hair Is the Right Decision 

We will explain the benefits of having locks that are long in two ways. This will be by emphasizing the benefits of long hair and the disadvantages of short locks. Having established this, listed and explained below are some of the reasons you should consider having long hair:

Helps Keep the Feminine Look

We have a long list of male celebrities that maintain short locks and we love how they look. Many of us cannot imagine how they would look if it were the opposite.

Well, this is not the same for ladies for the most part. Her decision to have and maintain short hair might alter her feminine look. This is especially if her facial shape is not oval.

Furthermore, it will interest you to know that some cultures and religions frown at ladies not keeping it long. While this is not a yardstick for us, you might want to keep it long for this reason. If you are interested in subjects discussing feminine hair from a cultural and religious stance, you can read it here: https://energyiseverythingeie.com/articles-gage/long-hair-the-spiritual-benefits

Guarantees a Mature Look 

We strongly advise people that naturally look young to stick to full locks. For men, we also recommend that they do the beard gang thing. This is because keeping these facial features will offer them a more mature look.

This is except they want to look younger. So, you should do everything reasonably possible to have long hair if looking mature means so much to you.

Good for Emergencies

Especially with ladies, the state of the hair outdoors is different from what it is indoors. This is because you are more relaxed and less concerned about your looks when you are home.

However, there are days you need to rush out unprepared or quickly. For such days, you need something that is easy to manage.

Females with long locks stand a better chance for such days. This reason is that a ponytail can be made by drawing back its massive length and doing all the necessary twists.

Allows for More Versatility and Creativity

Many ladies that decide to keep their locks short do so because they believe it is easier to maintain. Well, many of them soon realize that the devil is in the detail even with short locks. As a matter of fact, the needed treatment can be a lot more expensive.

Other than this, some of them have regrets because there are fewer styles you can achieve when the locks are short. For instance, curly hairstyles are practically impossible or unnoticeable with this option. The whole point is that the ability to be creative is difficult when the hair is low.

Suits Everyone

Everyone can look good with their locks rich in length. All that is required is figuring out the best style. This is both for males and females.

However, the same cannot be said for locks that are otherwise. We have even realized that ladies are mostly affected in this regard. This is because ladies with certain facial and even body features do not look good with short locks.

For instance, ladies with very round faces and those that are fat do not look so good with short locks. So, the Miley Cyrus thing is not for everyone. For this reason, we advise most folks to learn how to grow long hair as it’s a style that suits a lot of people.

Hides Lapses in the Shape of the Head

There have been so many instances in this article that indicate short locks can be a bad idea for ladies. Well, here is a point that is more men-related.

The thing is that some men’s heads look awkward. Some of them even feel bad about it when they are seen in public. Although some females can have this issue, it is more of a men’s thing.

Well, the good news is that men and women with this concern stand a better chance with full locks. The reason is that the massive locks will hide the awkward features of their head. This is especially if they choose the right kind of hairstyle.

It Is Easier to Straighten Your Locks when it is Full

People with very thick and stubborn locks will have it very difficult if they decide to keep it low. This is because they can only use a few select brushes and may still find straightening difficult.

Furthermore, there are instances when straightening can only be effective when heat is involved. While this should not be a regular practice as it can affect the health of the hair, it is sometimes necessary.

Using heat straightening tools is difficult and sometimes impossible with low locks. Some people that insist on using these tools on their low locks end up injuring themselves and damaging their scalps. So, this is one of the reasons we strongly advise everyone to keep it long.

Managing Cowlicks Is Easier

Just so you know, your cowlick is that part of your hair where a change(s) in the growth pattern is seen. This means that this portion grows in a different direction than the other parts. While this can happen in any part, more people experience this in their crown.

Well, taking care of this part can be very difficult if your locks are low. For one, you may be confined to styling it in one way. On the other hand, you can be as creative as possible even with this feature when the locks are full. So, we advise you to keep it long for this reason.


We always advise people to understand the natural essence of the hair before deciding to keep it short or long. This knowledge will go a long way in helping you make the right decision.

Well, protection is one of the natural purposes of the hair on your head and every other part of the body. For more on this subject, you can visit: https://kidshealth.org/en/teens/skin-hair-nails.html#:~:text=Hair%20in%20the%20nose%2C%20ears,warmth%20and%20protects%20the%20skin

So, the question is what exactly is the hair on your head protecting you from?

It is naturally designed to protect you from the sun’s emission of ultraviolet rays among other things. This emission from the sun can be damaging but the locks play a very important role in protecting you. It protects the especially sensitive scalp.

However, keeping the locks low can adversely affect the sun’s ability to protect. You should also know that people with full locks are likely to fare better during the cold season. This means come hot or cold, you are better off with your locks full. So, we strongly advise that you keep it this way.

There are so many things you stand to gain from keeping your hair full. We have discussed some of them in this article and you need to know there are a lot more than these. We hope that you make informed decisions about your facial looks going forward.

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