If You Want to Get Good Custom T-shirts, You Must Avoid These Mistakes

Custom T-shirts are a commendable gifting option for their attractive look and versatile appeal. Different companies are using custom T-shirts as giveaways to workers, business promotions and formal event outfits. Irrespective of the reason, custom T-shirts are slowly gaining ground. Suppose you are one of those who wish to create an impetus in the market with your custom t-shirts. There are some mistakes you have to avoid. 

If You Want to Get Good Custom T-shirts, You Must Avoid These Mistakes
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Design is the deterministic factor in terms of custom t-shirts. If it goes wrong, all your efforts will go in vain. Design mistakes may cost you negatively. If you are ordering T-shirts for your employees, and the design goes wrong, it will only embarrass you. Hence, you cannot make any mistake in this regard. Apart from the cost, the overall look creates a profound impact. 

Never go for low-quality material

A very significant point which various fashion designers and artists have focused on is the quality of the material. Depending on the occasion or the purpose, you have to go for the correct fabric which reveals the design. Try to find answers to questions like whether you would like to wear apparel that makes you feel uncomfortable and creates an itchy feeling? The answer is no. There is a fundamental difference between cheap quality and sound quality T-shirts. Hence, you have no excuse for selecting inferior materials.  

You cannot make the mistake of contrast imbalance 

In any artwork, the visual impact is related to contrast. When you introduce a distinction in the design, the imagery difference takes the image to another level. However, it would help if you did not go for high contrast. Go for a visually pleasing contrast. Apart from the colour, you have to pay attention to the text, which is a dominating factor. Choosing bold colours with catchy text that may provide you with the best results. Contrasting shades will help to enhance the image and enable readability. The market has many affordable, varied and quality fabrics. 

Make your font visible 

The message of the T-shirt is the main reason behind its creation. Whether going for informal events or professional ones, you have to pay attention to the font. Selecting the right font depends on the purpose. For example, for corporate events, you can choose a Serif font. However, for casual occasions, you may select those fonts that will create some fun. 

Try to go for stylish fonts and stick to them. Apart from this, you have to pay attention to the style. Outdated style may hit the audience badly. Go for appealing styles and those which are in trend. Hence, colour, design, font and vogue are vital elements over here. You cannot play casually with them. For creating fabulous designs, placement becomes crucial. It will help you form a remarkable appeal. 

Keep away from complex designs 

The audience you are trying to target and the T-shirt you design needs to stay in sync. You cannot write down whatever you feel like and how much you feel like on the T-shirt. Too many sentences, multiple colours, and graphics can only harm your design. The custom T-shirt is only a way of communicating your message. Hence, be specific and go for simple designs, which are relevant to your company. 

For this, you can go for print on demand Canada with the help of PrintBest.com. They are known for their high-quality yet straightforward designs. In addition, they understand the significance of time. Hence, they make it a point to deliver all their orders well within time. Thus, it may serve both of your concerns. 

Mannerisms need evaluation 

Another mistake that novice T-shirt designers often make is treating the T-shirt like a banner. Never copy the banner content on the T-shirt. Instead, go for information that truly conveys the message. Keep it catchy and crispy, and that will do the job.

One-size T-shirts can create a negative impact 

If you think that the one size fits all formula will go well with you, you are probably mistaken. Just sit down and think for a moment. If you are going for custom t-shirts, you require different sizes. Hence, you have to ensure that no matter what, you will not compromise with the size. Therefore, convey to the printer that you require t-shirts of varying sizes or else it will affect your brand image.  

When you have got all these things in place, you have to take care of the colour. Never go for many colours, neither go for a single colour. A proper combination of different colours will do the job. Whether in the case of gifts, keepsakes or giveaways, there is no alternative to custom t-shirts. It will not only help you create a unique look but also be comfortable. Hence, these points, when taken seriously, will help you design unique and quality T-shirts.

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