Everything You Need To Know About Mobility Scooter Insurance

Mobility scooters are an intelligent choice of thousands of people for independence and quality of life. Mobility scooters have made it possible for people with disabilities or life-limiting conditions to continue doing their daily tasks, including shopping, going to doctors for a medical appointment or visiting friends and family.

Everything You Need To Know About Mobility Scooter Insurance
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It is crucial to make wise decisions and integrate a perfect mobility scooter into your life. Think about its insurance once you've decided to make the purchase. Think about questions like, do you need it? Why you need it? What this insurance is going to cover. If you are looking for clear answers to these questions, read this blog until the end and get a detailed answer to all of your questions.

Is it mandatory to have mobility scooter insurance?

It's not mandatory, but the answer doesn't end here. Buying insurance might be a requirement If you're taking on credit from your credit provider. Some health insurance companies recommend purchasing mobility scooter insurance, primarily if they cover the purchase. Insurance becomes an indispensable part of the purchase in such cases, even though it is not made compulsory by law.

It is an excellent choice to consider investing in mobility scooter insurance, no matter how you purchase your mobility scooter.

Next, we will discuss the two fundamental types of insurances for mobility scooters and what benefits and other factors to keep in mind while filing a claim.

Types of insurance for mobility devices:

1. Liability insurance

It is always worth investigating whether liability insurance is right for your needs and use case, even though a mobility scooter will not need a comprehensive liability insurance policy like an automobile. The primary factor to be considered in liability insurance is the location of use. The homeowner's liability insurance might cover any accidental damages or injuries if you plan to use your mobility scooter strictly inside your house. 

Liability insurance might be the right choice for you if you intend to use the mobility scooter in the great outdoors filled with people. Life is unpredictable; situations like hitting another vehicle by mistake or accidentally rolling over another person's foot on a busy roadside path can occur at any time, and accidents happen. Your liability insurance is your saviour in this situation if the other party tries to sue you for damages. 

2. Accidental damage insurance

As expensive as Mobility scooters, their repairing cost can sometimes lead to stress for budgeting pros. Accidental damage insurance will is your saviour in that case. Even though most scooters come with parts replacement warranty like battery, a mobility scooter can still suffer unintentional damage in multiple ways. Accidental damage insurance could ensure that you do not have to put your active lifestyle on hold while your mobility scooter is off to repair for few days. 

What insurance benefits should I look for?

Mobility scooter insurance could include a whole lot of benefits, including: 

Accidental damage repair

Unplanned maintenance of these super expensive Mobility scooters could cost you a few hundred dollars at a single time. The repair option would be included in damage insurance, but it might come with a cap on the extent of the repair cost. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, you must be aware of the limit of your coverage.

Loss of keys

Losing your keys is very stressful to your mobility aid, and this is where your insurance got your back. Your insurance will get your crucial replacement covered.

Temporary equipment

It could sometimes take several days to repair your mobility scooter, so it's essential to have the damage repair covered. You won’t be comfortable putting your active lifestyle on hold, Would you? Whether your plan includes temporary equipment in case of repairs, confirm it from your insurance provider.

24/7 service

Your insurance covers you with a 24/7 breakdown recovery service. This saves you from situations like your equipment breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you need someone to call for help. These are few questions you should consider asking your insurance provider while meeting.

Other Factors to consider:

Coverage cap

Especially in liability insurance, many insurance plans will come with a cap on the amount of coverage they offer. It is recommended to go one level up from what you deem appropriate. In this way, you will be comfortable knowing that your mobility scooter insurance provider will take care of significant damages, repair, or liability issues for your scooter.

Know your equipment

Have complete detailed information about your scooter like scooter make, model, purchase date, and seller, along with your insurance plan number, type, amount, etc., when talking to your insurance provider. To speed up the claim process in the event of theft or damage, you should consider keeping these details easily accessible. 

Stay in touch with your insurance provider

We recommend you reaching out to your insurance provider if you make accessories addition and customization to your scooter after purchasing the insurance.

Let the insurance company know about the increased value of your mobility scooter. So, in case of theft, the replacement or refund on the scooter value is provided to you. 

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