How to Help if You're Feeling Anxious About Re-Entering the World

Feeling a bit nervous about going back to socializing and eating out at restaurants and bars is nothing to be ashamed of. After long lockdowns and restrictions, anxiety is something that many people are struggling with. Remember that you are not alone. However, there are some things you can do to feel less anxious and be more prepared.

How to Help if You're Feeling Anxious About Re-Entering the World
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Here are a few things that can help you feel more comfortable:

Chose the right clothing

Even if you are about to go out for the first time in a long time, it may feel more comfortable to chose loser clothing, rather than a tight dress. Lose tops such as ladies tunics can still appear elegant and stylish. There are many different styles and various patterns to suit your personality. 

Go to places that you know and are familiar with

Planning your first day out after staying at home for a longer period of time can be very exciting. Despite vaccinations, it is still uncertain when all of the restrictions will be completely lifted. This is why many people take advantage of every day that they can spend outdoors or together with friends and family. 

If you book a table at a pub or restaurant you may need to plan weeks or even months in advance, so make sure to pick the spot carefully. Going to your favourite place that you already know can make your first time out less stressful. You may know the staff that works there or have friends who often visit the location.

Prepare how you will get there

During the pandemic your travel route may be different and you may need to take certain precautions. Either way, planning your journey ahead can make you less worried while you're out. Planning to go back to the office instead of working from home can also give you a lot of stress. If it takes you longer to go to the office, try to wake up earlier to give yourself plenty of time.

Not only socialising in public, but also seeing family and friends can be cause for anxiety - especially if you would rather stay at home than attend certain events. Just remember that it's perfectly normal to feel nervous. Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t forget that most people have been through a rough time during the pandemic. Feeling grateful for the little things can also improve your wellbeing.

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