The All-in-One Kitchen Assistant for All Your Cooking Needs

In this day and age, convenience reigns supreme. We want everything here and now, easily and with as little hassle as possible. With Malaysians once again urged to stay home and restaurants closing by 8PM to curb the spread of the pandemic, cooking will be an activity done more frequently once again.

Samu Giken P10+ Smart Cooking Processor

With that in mind, wouldn’t it be great if there was that one reliable, multifunctional product that could provide convenience to assist with things we need to get done when cooking at home? 

Look no further than the Samu Giken P10+ Smart Cooking Processor, an all-in-one kitchen appliance that will take your culinary adventures to the next level. The P10+ is made to assist with all kinds of cooking processes, from making sauces, to cooking porridge, to mincing meat, and grounding soy beans. 

What you would notice first with this handy device is its premium, sleek design, that would elevate the look and feel of your kitchen. The P10+ comes equipped with an LCD screen display on its control panel and multiple parts such as a safe and odourless stainless steel jug with its lockable lid, steam trays, a strong stainless steel blade, a stirrer and a basket. 

What stands out most about this release by Samu Giken is its 10 cooking presets which shows its sheer versatility in handling anything you throw in its way. These presets will allow you to mix, knead, chop, blend, whisk, grind, milk, cook, steam or saute to your heart’s content for a perfect dish every time. 

A notable safety feature on this cooking processor is the automatic stop when the jug cover of the P10+ is in an incorrect position or when it is opened. However, the cooking time, temperature and speed will be maintained and saved for hassle free cooking once the jug is placed correctly. 

This product is capable of replacing many of your other kitchen appliances like steamers, multi cookers, mixers, blenders and grinders. Thus, saving space on your kitchen counters while also saving cost on your kitchenware. 

From 2 June onwards and throughout June 2021, the Samu Giken P10+ Smart Cooking Processor will be available exclusively on Shopee for the price of RM1,388, reflecting high value for consumers who appreciate its multipurpose nature. Buyers can even get their hands on a Samu Giken Rapid Air Fryer completely free through an add-on deal when purchasing on Shopee. When the P10+ is used together with the Rapid Air Fryer, users can have the functionality of a bread maker. Talk about a delicious deal! 

In conjunction with the launch of the P10+ on Shopee, shoppers will also get to claim a RM80 off voucher with a minimum spend of RM1,000 in the Samu Giken official store, only on 2 June. 

Meanwhile on 4 June, there will be a ’Comment & Win’ contest where winners can win up to RM300 worth of Samu Giken product vouchers. Just follow the Shopee MY page on Facebook ( and tag three friends in the comments section on the Samu Giken post, with the hashtag #SamuGikenSmartCookingProcessor for a chance to win! 

The launch of the P10+ coincides with Shopee’s 6.6 Awesome Sale happening now till 6 June. Store vouchers and a collection of other essential products by the brand like home air purifiers and handheld vacuum cleaners will also be on attractive discounts during this period. 

Check out Samu Giken’s wide selection of products by visiting Don’t forget to pay with ShopeePay for smoother checkouts. Terms and conditions apply.


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