5 Costs Associated With Moving

As you probably already know if you’ve ever moved in your lifetime, moving to a new apartment or house can be extremely expensive. There are a lot of costs associated with changing homes, and they can add up quickly. So that they don’t catch you by surprise during an already stressful time, here are five costs associated with moving that you might want to budget for.

5 Costs Associated With Moving
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Moving everything yourself is definitely an option and will help cut back on costs, but remember that time is money, and hiring movers will help you make time for other important things. However, especially if your new home is pretty far away, hiring professional movers could cost you a good chunk of change. In some cases, you may not even have to pack your moving boxes depending on what kind of services they offer. 

Security Deposits 

If you’re renting, security deposits are hefty costs that should be considered. Every property management company or landlord does things differently, but typically a security deposit equal to one month’s rent or so will be required. Additionally, if you have any pets a lot of places will also require you to pay a pet deposit upon move-in. Make sure you account for this when adding up your moving expenses. 

First And Last Month’s Rent 

This one also only applies to renters, but make sure not to overlook it. You may think that moving to a new apartment will only cost you a month’s rent, but many places will also want you to pay your last month’s rent up front. This means that down the road when you eventually give them notice that you’re moving out, you’ll have already paid for your final month. But it is an extra cost to save up for. 

Pet Rent 

In addition to a pet deposit, many landlords or property management companies will also require you to pay a pet rent every month. This fee usually runs about $50-$150 depending on where you reside, but is definitely not something you want blindsiding you. 

Homeowners Association Fees 

If you are a buyer, HOA fees are a big thing to take into account. If your new house is a part of a homeowners association, there will be many rules that you will need to learn to comply by, but also some pretty hefty fees. Every HOA is different of course and some are more expensive than others. You may pay yearly or monthly, and you may also have to pay a lump sum as an initiation fee upon move in. Make sure to read all of the fine print on your HOA contract so you know just what to expect. 

Moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare, and neither do the costs associated with it if you are well prepared for them. Hopefully this short list gave you an idea of what you need to save your pennies for prior to your big move.

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